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Climate change and population growth are increasing the need for cooling throughout the world: food, medicines, lab samples must remain cool, as well as in the case of production halls and offices to maintain the productivity of people and machines. The demand for energy efficiency and supply reliability is also increasing. Failures in refrigeration plants are often the result of overheating of the motor, too little lubrication on sliding surfaces and bearings, or of fluctuations in the power supply.

The KRIWAN product portfolio for refrigeration systems enables reliable and comprehensive protection of your system. The data interfaces of the KRIWAN devices allow data to be easily read out and integrated into the higher-level system control.

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KRIWAN has been a competent partner for air conditioning and refrigeration technology for over 50 years. We protect and monitor your compressors and enable reliable and efficient system operation. We offer more than just individual components - with the KRIWAN system solution, consisting of our different devices, the gateways and the INTspector app, you receive all protection and monitoring components from a single source.

Easy to implement, flexible and scalable.

KRIWAN Diagnostic system

With the Diagnose protection system, KRIWAN enables the basic function of safety shut-down and enhances communication
through diagnostic modules. That way, the real condition of the machine can be seen and predictive maintenance undertaken. The KRIWAN Diagnose system can be freely configured and completely networked via integrated interfaces. Today, principles such as permanent condition monitoring and predictive
maintenance through diagnostics and communication are integral parts of the machine protection system.

To provide the right solution for condition monitoring with and for our customers, we develop modules that combine protection and regulation, as well as set up the diagnostic software accordingly. KRIWAN protection controls are designed for other markets, not only for the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

Diagnostic system 


KRIWAN INTspector app

The KRIWAN INTspector app enables fast and targeted error and status diagnostics on site. You connect the KRIWAN diagnostic device (e.g. INT69 motor protection device, INT280 oil level regulator and others) to the app via a gateway (Bluetooth gateway or USB gateway) and can thus access all important operating data of your pump and parameterize the sensor inputs.

You can use the following functions:

  • Diagnostic data
  • PDF report
  • Data sheets
  • Input blink code
  • Change parameters
  • Send folder
INTspector App

Effective compound system refrigeration protection solutions from Kriwan

Kriwan is at the forefront as a renowned company for protection and monitoring solutions in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration technology. Our innovative products not only offer outstanding performance, but also set standards in terms of compound system refrigeration protection.

Why is reliable protection essential for air conditioning and refrigeration technology?

The refrigeration and air conditioning industry faces constant challenges, whether due to temperature fluctuations, humidity or external influences. A reliable protection mechanism is therefore essential to prevent breakdowns and maximize the service life of your systems. Our products not only offer effective protection against these influences, but also ensure constant monitoring so that you can react to potential problems at an early stage.

Kriwan - Your partner for innovative protection and monitoring solutions

You can rely on Kriwan's many years of experience when it comes to protection and monitoring solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration technology. Our products are specially developed to meet the highest demands and offer your refrigeration system the best possible protection. Contact us today and discover how we can work together to increase the efficiency of your systems and help protect the environment at the same time.

What are the advantages of Kriwan's compound system cold protection solutions compared to conventional solutions?

Our compound system refrigeration protection solutions are characterized by innovative technologies that ensure efficient and reliable protection of your air conditioning and refrigeration technology. Compared to conventional solutions, we not only offer enhanced protection against temperature fluctuations and humidity, but also rely on sustainable approaches that optimize energy consumption and thus reduce environmental impact.

How does Kriwan support customers in implementing protection and monitoring solutions for their air conditioning and refrigeration systems?

Our dedicated team of experts is at your side right from the start. We offer comprehensive consulting services to understand your individual requirements. In addition, we support you in selecting the optimal packaged refrigeration solutions for your specific needs. Implementation is carried out professionally and efficiently to ensure that your systems are protected in the best possible way.

What contribution does Kriwan make to environmental friendliness in air conditioning and refrigeration technology?

At Kriwan, we attach great importance to sustainability. Our compound system refrigeration protection solutions are not only designed to protect your systems, but also to optimize energy consumption. By reducing energy losses, we actively contribute to minimizing the environmental footprint. By integrating environmentally friendly technologies, we help our customers to operate more efficient and sustainable air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

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