Motor protection and trigger units

KRIWAN solutions for electric motors

Today, electric motors play a central role not only in the field of individual mobility: they are also used in industry in a wide variety of applications, from conveying on production lines to driving large machines.

With modern protection systems, KRIWAN ensures that they work reliably and develop their power optimally - so that you can move forward safely in production or on the road.

Product examples

Temperature sensors

Just be cool: With our temperature sensors, overheating of the electric motor is almost impossible.

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Motor protection and tripping devices

Everything in view: our diagnostic and protection devices monitor the temperature in the engine and switch it off if necessary.

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Volker Wassermann I Production Optimization

KRIWAN solutions for electric motors

The benefit of optimum connectivity

It is important to reliably collect measurement data, but the data must also be transmitted, evaluated and displayed quickly and simply. To achieve this, KRIWAN connectivity ensures that the sensors and the diagnostic and protection units in the electric motors are linked with one another and with the overall system to optimize effect.

Whether it is on stationary computers or mobile terminal devices: All data can be bundled and evaluated simply, keeping you updated in real-time about all processes within the system.

Your operational safety is our drive.

KRIWAN connectivity 
An overview of the KRIWAN diagnostic system

KRIWAN offers a complete solution for linking diagnostic devices with your system. The smart KRIWAN diagnostic system is simple to implement, flexible and changable, allowing you to carry out condition monitoring: For reliable and efficient system operation.

As a true system supplier, KRIWAN develops complex solutions from a single source, perfectly tailored to the relevant requirement. All components have integrated interfaces, which can be freely parameterized for intelligent and reliable networking.

The result: Maximum connectivity, maximum transparency and maximum operational safety – with minimum effort and at a low cost.