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Sustainably well prepared for the future in the spirit of Friedrich Kriwan

The Kriwan Foundation not only opens new horizons for innovative technologies but also establishes a sustainable foundation for future generations of professionals and thinkers. By promoting education and science, we aim to preserve technological heritage while setting new standards for the future.

"Laws don’t fall from heaven" was a statement often used by Friedrich Kriwan. In essence, it means that nothing in the world is so firmly set in stone that it cannot be changed with reason, commitment, and initiative. Especially when it comes to equal opportunities for children and young people. This entrepreneurial freedom of thought is what set Friedrich Kriwan apart. Tthis spirit lives on today in and through the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation.

Our founder Friedrich Kriwan - engineer with passion

Friedrich Kriwan lived his vocation as an engineer with passion in the company he founded in 1968. In addition to entrepreneurial success, it was important to him to transfer his personal value system to the management of the company. He summed up what this means at the celebration of his 80th birthday on January 19, 2015 with his employees:

  • Don't go into debt, don't spend all the money you've earned
  • Not to develop products for military technology
  • Not doing everything that is feasible if it violates morals and decency
  • To show humanity when it comes to helping the weak or needy

Friedrich Kriwan wanted his social commitment to be assured even after his death and so he created his own
Foundation, the main objective of the Foundation is to guarantee the long-term future of KRIWAN companies and to promote research, science and education in the field of technology, and cultural life in Hohenlohe, ­­both ideologically and financially.



Firmengründer Friedrich Kriwan

KRIWAN Holding

After the death of company founder Friedrich Kriwan, company ownership was transferred to the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation. The foundation has charitable tasks and supports certain projects such as MINTec. KRIWAN Holding is responsible for the asset management. The companies KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik, KRIWAN Testzentrum, Birkholz Elektronische Geräte and the foreign KRIWAN branches are linked to the KRIWAN Holding.


Promote and support what is right and necessary!
Funding priorities of the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation





There are currently several research projects funded by the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation with various technical universities (Aalen, Berlin, Karlsruhe) on the subject of AI-supported monitoring and control of chillers and pumps. In many applications, AI involves evaluating large amounts of data and recognizing patterns and structures. The main approach is to use the frequency converters as central control and regulation elements, which supply a compressor or a pump with energy and take on additional functions. A decisive advantage here is that the essential operating information can be recognized and evaluated through changes, i.e. signals from the power supply. There is still a significant need for research and development here, particularly regarding the mechanisms of action and interactions between the frequency converter, drive motor and machine.


The Friedrich Kriwan Foundation started an educational initiative back in 2010. The focus is on the commitment to equal educational opportunities from support in kindergarten to graduation. The foundation is involved in numerous projects with a focus on MINTec. Some of the projects are carried out in cooperation with the innovation region.


A school-leaving qualification and qualified vocational training are elementary prerequisites for trading the career path.

LiF: Things are learned better together!

»No child whose smart enough should miss out on graduating from school under any circumstances.« The ›Learning in Forchtenberg‹ (LiF) project started with this goal in 2010. The motto of that time is the motto of today: a well-founded school education and a good professional qualification are decisive for a sound start to a successful career.

The program offers pupils at the Geschwister-Scholl School individual supervision, help with homework, learning guidance and reading time in small groups. LiF is organized under the supervision of social education graduate Marion Hannig-Dümmler from the district diocesan association, and the town of Forchtenberg.


Regionales Engagement der Friedrich Kriwan-Stiftung


We sponsor the course costs for the MINTec lessons at secondary schools.

Regionales Engagement der Friedrich Kriwan-Stiftung

Jugend forscht

As part of the annual national competition "Jugend forscht", we support both school projects and individual projects in the region.

Regionales Engagement der Friedrich Kriwan-Stiftung

Trainee program Ingelfingen

The trainee program is aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 17. Thanks to the training program, the young people should get to know their strengths and weaknesses, learn social skills and develop their personality. We and some other companies from the region support this project financially because we want to support the idea of ​​the training program. Contact person and initiator of this project is Markus Hasenfuss, who is a member of the parish council of Ingelfingen.

Regionales Engagement der Friedrich Kriwan-Stiftung

e-car for Öhringen commercial school

In cooperation with the innovation region, the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation has handed over an e-car to the district administrator of the Hohenlohe district and the headmaster of the vocational schools in Öhringen. Through the sponsorship, we enabled the trainees in the field of vehicle mechatronics to deal with the topic of e-mobility. As a sponsor, we are very pleased to support the trainees at the Öhringen commercial school.

Regionales Engagement der Friedrich Kriwan-Stiftung

Humanoid robots for the Niedernhall training center

Together with the Hohenlohe innovation region, the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation has made NAO robots available to the Niedernhall training center. In the form of an AG, the students are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with them. You will learn programming with symbols, creativity and the ability to work in a team. The focus of the working group is that the students enjoy working with the NAO and find their own solutions.

Regionales Engagement der Friedrich Kriwan-Stiftung

LEGO education equipment for the Konrad Biesalski School in Blaufelden, Crailsheim and Schrozberg


LEGO Education promotes inclusive science and technology classes. Clarity, independence, development of a technical understanding and joint learning at different levels of students with and without disabilities are improved.

Regionales Engagement der Friedrich Kriwan-Stiftung

IT equipment for the Hohenlohe Student, Research and Technology Center (SFT) at the Künzelsau Vocational School

The Friedrich Kriwan Foundation, in cooperation with the Innovation Region, has donated 26 new PCs and laptops to the Künzelsau vocational school. The new computers will be used to support practical lessons in physics. Users are mainly students of the technical high school and the technical high school, the gewerbliche Schule Künzelsau.

Regionales Engagement der Friedrich Kriwan-Stiftung

Promotion of the integration project Hoffnungshäuser in Öhringen

The Hoffnungsträger Foundation has built 3 Hoffnungshäuser in Öhringen with a total of 19 residential units. This is an integrative housing concept in which migrants and locals live together under one roof in affordable (subsidized) housing.
Particularly to be mentioned is the social work, which is designed directly on site. One focus of the work is on children and young people. In addition, there is support in the search for suitable educational measures or an apprenticeship or job. The overriding goal is to provide individual support in leading a self-determined and independent life. The Friedrich Kriwan Foundation covers the costs of social work in Öhringen.

Regionales Engagement der Friedrich Kriwan-Stiftung


The Friedrich Kriwan Foundation promotes cultural diversity in the Hohenlohe region.

Ernsbach Children's Choir

Music is the sound of life! The children of the Ernsbach Children's Choir can experience this every Thursday afternoon. Under the direction of Uli Dachtler, everyone sings, laughs, dances and, of course, has a lot of fun. Whether it's a classic children's song, African gospel or songs with contemporary children's themes - the children love it! In addition, the joint choir lessons promote togetherness, increase self-esteem, train hearing and language skills. More than one good reason for the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation to support this project.

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Theater im Fluss Künzelsau

On November 7, 2010, the open-air theater "Theater im Fluss" was founded in Künzelsau. The theater pursues the goal of offering a literary and theatrical demanding and varied, but at the same time entertaining and understandable amateur open-air theatre. Under the direction of professionals for direction, equipment and music, the performances are performed with an amateur ensemble. During the play, actors and spectators move to different venues. The Kocher outdoor pool offered itself as an idyllic venue, hence the name "Theater im Fluss".

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Orchestra Association Öhringen

Since 1923, the orchestra association has made it its task to cultivate and promote classical music and thus also a piece of German culture. The string orchestra in the Hohenlohe district gives young people the opportunity to continue their education in classical music with their instrument. There are currently 30 active players in the orchestra, ranging in age from 17 to 75 years. dr medical habil. dr phil. Uwe Reinhardt, who works as chief physician and medical director of the Hohenlohe Hospital, has conducted the orchestra since 2010.

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Hohenlohe Cultural Foundation

Cultural life in Hohenlohe is diverse. The various associations, churches, adult education centres, free initiatives, cities and communities contribute to this. To further enrich and support this, the Hohenlohe Cultural Foundation was founded on January 1, 1994. Through this, many initiatives and events could be established within a few years. The organization of the Hohenlohe music festival is one of the most important tasks of the foundation. Since 1987, an international violin competition has been held in the Schöntal monastery. There are also ballet projects, literary events, winter concerts, etc.

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Ensemble vocal

Under the direction of district cantor Vera Klaiber, the Künzelsau district choir ensemble vocal presents well-known choral works and musical rarities. For example, the program includes colorful and multifaceted compositions by César Franck, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, and Gabriel Fauré. After studying church and school music, Klaiber, who has been district cantor in Künzelsau since 2019, has taken over the direction of the ensemble vocal in the summer of 2022. Together with Susanne Koch and Jürgen Bauer, they will present a varied program based on their many years of experience.

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