Potentially Explosive Environments

KRIWAN Industry Solutions for Hazardous Areas

Hazardous areas are found in various industries. At KRIWAN, we manufacture ATEX certified products for these industries and applications. Because for us, it's not just about highest efficiency, but also about maximum safety!

Not just hot air!
Products that Stay Cool in Explosive Environments

In all environments where an explosive atmosphere exists, special safety standards are strictly adhered to, requiring the use of only tested components. The EU has established the ATEX directive for this purpose, regulating the safe operation of equipment and systems in hazardous areas.


INT250 Oil Differential Pressure Switch

The oil differential pressure sensor consists of evaluation electronics and a screw-in part that can also be used to protect machinery in hazardous areas.

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INT69 EXF2 Motorschutzrelais für ihre Pumpe

INT69 EXF2 Diagnose BASIC EX

The slim KRIWAN pump protection relay INT69 EXF2 Diagnose is suitable for temperature monitoring of a pump operated in an Ex-zone. The relay is installed in a control cabinet outside the Ex-zone.

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Temperatursensoren für Anlagenschutz

PTC Temperature Sensors

The PTC is recommended by several approval authorities for requirements in explosion-proof areas. Through the fully automated production of PTC sensors, we achieve very high process reliability and an extremely low PPM rate.

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INT69 Diagnose

Proven and reliable, the INT69® Diagnose device protects against undesirable conditions such as excessive motor temperature, inadequate power supply, or improper compressor startup, even in hazardous areas.

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Risk? Not with us!

Risk? Not with us!

Your machinery and equipment deserve the highest level of safety. That's why at KRIWAN, we develop custom products tailored perfectly to your needs. As a company with ATEX certification, we demonstrate our commitment to the safety of our customers and emphasize our ability to produce high-quality products that reliably function even under challenging conditions.

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Explosion Protection: Safety for Hazardous Areas

Explosions are a real threat in dangerous environments. However, with the right explosion protection, you can effectively safeguard your facilities and employees.

High-Quality Ex-Protection Products for Maximum Safety

Our ex-protection products meet the strictest standards to secure your operations in explosive environments. With our ATEX-certified technology, you can rely on reliable performance. ATEX certification is the gold standard for products in explosive environments. Our products are certified according to the latest guidelines to ensure the highest safety and quality. Here you can find our ATEX certification. With innovative technologies and high-quality materials, our products are designed to function reliably even under extreme conditions. Our products for hazardous areas provide you with the assurance that you and your facilities are optimally protected. Trust in our expertise and our high-quality solutions for maximum safety.

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