Protective systems for photovoltaic systems

KRIWAN sector solutions for photovoltaic systems

Whether it is a large-scale solar power station or a smaller photovoltaic system, open-area installations that follow the sun using tracker systems work much more effectively but are also much more susceptible to wind than fixed installations.

Anyone wanting to avoid damage to the solar panels should therefore opt for reliable wind monitoring. Wind sensors from KRIWAN, in conjunction with corresponding trigger devices, ensure that, in critical situations, the system is moved automatically to a safe position, offering optimum protection.

Product examples

Wind sensors

Robust solution: Weather-resistant wind sensors ensure optimum protection of photovoltaic systems, even in open areas.

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Trigger devices

Fast solution: In strong wind, the trigger device ensures that the photovoltaic system is moved into a safe position.

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Dr. Christian Ellwein, Managing Director

KRIWAN solutions for photovoltaic systems

Always knowing what's what

Alternative energy sources such as wind power or solar energy are playing an increasingly significant role. Which is why it is even more important that the systems work efficiently and above all “reliabily” requiring as little maintenance and work as possible.

With KRIWAN, your photovoltaic system works more reliably since the sensitive wind sensors enable critical situations to be identified quickly and an appropriate response to be initiated.

So no energy is wasted.