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KRIWAN sector solutions for photovoltaic systems

The future of energy generation lies in renewable sources, particularly in the efficient utilization of photovoltaic open-space installations. These installations play a crucial role in the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy. Whether it's a large solar power plant or a smaller photovoltaic system, open-space installations that use sun-tracking tracker systems operate significantly more effectively, but they are also more susceptible to wind compared to fixed installations.

Maximizing Surface Area for Increased Energy Yields

The decisive advantage of photovoltaic open-space installations lies in their ability to optimally utilize large areas. This enables higher energy production compared to roof installations, contributing to the maximization of energy efficiency.

For those seeking to avoid damage to the solar panels, reliable wind monitoring is essential. Wind sensors from KRIWAN, in conjunction with corresponding triggering devices, ensure that the system is automatically brought into a secure position in hazardous situations—thus providing optimal protection.

Messgerät Windgeschiwndigkeit INT10 Anemometer

Wind sensors

Robust solution: Weather-resistant wind sensors ensure optimum protection of photovoltaic systems, even in open areas.

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INTspector App zur Fehler- und Zustandsdiagnose


Optimally networked: positioned at various points in the system, the sensors are intelligently interconnected.

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Dr. Christian Ellwein, Managing Director

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems offer numerous advantages, from the large-scale use of solar energy to the minimization of environmental impact. Compared to conventional solar systems, ground-mounted systems enable more efficient energy generation and help to reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, the protection of photovoltaic systems is crucial to ensure continuous and safe energy production.

Expertise in Wind-Controlled Protection Systems

Our expertise in the development of wind-controlled protection systems makes us the ideal partner for securing your photovoltaic system. Explore our tailored solutions for efficient protection against the influences of the wind.

Our wind-controlled protection systems rely on innovative technologies, including high-precision wind measurements and intelligent control systems. These advanced elements ensure a precise adaptation to variable wind conditions, guaranteeing reliable protection.


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Photovoltaik Anlage Freiflächenanlage

Wind-Based Protection Systems for Photovoltaic Systems: Safety in Every Breeze

The integration of wind-based protection systems is crucial to safeguard photovoltaic systems from the challenges of changing wind strengths and directions. Wind strengths and directions undergo constant variations, posing a potential threat to photovoltaic systems. Our wind-based protection systems are designed to address these challenges and protect the installation from undesirable influences.

Wind-Controlled Shutdown Mechanisms for Photovoltaic Open-Space Installations

Our advanced protection systems analyze real-time wind strength and direction. Upon exceeding predefined thresholds, automatic shutdown mechanisms are activated to safeguard the photovoltaic installation from excessive loads and potential damages. They provide dynamic adaptability to changing wind conditions. Through continuous monitoring and automatic responses, they ensure optimal performance of the photovoltaic system under all weather conditions.

KRIWAN solutions for photovoltaic systems

Always knowing what's what

Alternative energy sources such as wind power or solar energy are playing an increasingly significant role. Which is why it is even more important that the systems work efficiently and above all “reliabily” requiring as little maintenance and work as possible.

With KRIWAN, your photovoltaic system works more reliably since the sensitive wind sensors enable critical situations to be identified quickly and an appropriate response to be initiated.

The need for protection systems

Protection systems for photovoltaic systems play a crucial role in protecting systems from external influences, overloads and the effects of the weather. A well thought-out protection system makes a significant contribution to extending the service life of the system and minimizing downtimes.


So no energy is wasted.

Precise and robust

When technical systems are exposed to permanent environmental influences and extreme weather, changes in the environment must be registered comprehensively, accurately and reliably in order to protect people and machinery from damage and destruction.

Reliability has the highest priority

Extreme temperatures, humidity, storms or hail can impair the function of such systems. KRIWAN wind sensors safely withstand climatic and mechanical influences and ensure the operational reliability of the systems even under extreme weather conditions.

A perfect fit for every application

Specially adapted to different applications, various wind sensors are available. From simple application areas with unheated sensors to our standard sensors with heating for industrial applications and meteor sensors for demanding meteorological applications.

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