Protective systems for cable cars

KRIWAN sector solutions for cable cars

Whether it is on alpine mountain tours in summer or skiing in winter, people are drawn to great heights. Modern cable cars demand the utmost in safety and efficiency. KRIWAN ensures that any peak can be reached, with innovative protection solutions for cable cars.

Whether it's motor protection for drives or reliable wind measurement – there's a reason why market leaders in the area of cable car design rely on sensors from KRIWAN and use our solutions worldwide, from the Alps to Xiaohaituo Mountain in China.


Motor protection

No lift without drive: Our motor protection solutions ensure that cable car drives run smoothly.

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Messgerät Windgeschiwndigkeit INT10 Anemometer

Wind sensors

Keeping an eye on the weather: Our anemometers reliably measure the wind force and communicate the data in real-time.

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INT10 Windrichtungssensor zur Messung der Windrichtung

Wind direction sensors

Pointing the way: Our wind direction sensors make the movement of cable cars even safer.

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ICEfight: On to the top!

How KRIWAN wind sensors made it to the Olympics.

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KRIWAN solutions for cable cars

Intelligent interaction

Safe and reliable operation is a top priority, particularly in systems that transport people. With reliable sensors from KRIWAN, you can capture, evaluate and compare various measurement data in real-time.

With an interaction of measurement readings from sensors in conjunction with external control units, KRIWAN offers reliable protection and safety. Whether it is a change in wind direction or temperature fluctuation in the motor, stormy winds, or dead calm, with KRIWAN, you're always up-to-speed.

You can be sure of achieving your goals.

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KRIWAN is synonymous with quality and innovation in the industry. Our protection systems for cable cars are developed and produced to the highest standards. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to ensure that cable cars can be operated safely and efficiently under all conditions.

Wind Sensors for Cable Cars:

Wind sensors play a crucial role in the safe operation of cable cars, especially in exposed areas. Our advanced wind sensors accurately capture wind speeds to detect potential dangers early on. This not only optimizes the cable car operation but also ensures the safety of passengers.

Motor Protection Systems for Cable Cars

Motor protection is a central aspect of cable car reliability. Our motor protection systems are designed to identify potential issues early on and intervene automatically. This not only contributes to extending the lifespan of the motors but also minimizes downtime and increases operational efficiency.

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