Protective systems for ventilators

KRIWAN sector solutions for ventilators

Wherever work is carried out in enclosed spaces, ventilators provide the necessary ventilation. This applies to large production halls as well as stables in agricultural animal husbandry.

These systems are also used in highly sensitive areas such as laboratories or clean rooms, for example, where they ensure a constant climate or permanent exhaust air. No matter where the ventilators are used: KRIWAN offers maximum protection for the entire system and ensures that it works reliably. Precise running monitoring is essential to prevent failures and maximize the service life of the fans. So that the working climate always remains optimal and monitoring, maintenance and repairs can be carried out with foresight.

Wicklungssensoren zur Temperaturüberwachung

Temperature sensors

Running smoothly: Our temperature monitoring solutions ensure that ventilators do not overheat.

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Luftstromwächter INT511 zur Überwachung von Luftströmen

Air flow measurement

Fresh ideas for an ideal atmosphere: Our air flow monitors control the flow of a ventilator consistently and accurately.

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Motor protection and trigger units

Fast solutions: Our trigger units ensure that systems respond in the right way according to the situation.

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The KRIWAN flow lab

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KRIWAN ventilators

Predictive monitoring

As with all other process-relevant systems, reliable condition monitoring is essential for ventilators. Only if you have an overview of all relevant operating data can you ensure that the overall process is running correctly. Standard solutions are often not sufficient to meet the specific requirements of fans. Kriwan relies on tailor-made running monitoring systems that not only prevent premature failures, but also enable continuous optimization of ventilator performance.

The combination of our sensors with corresponding gateways, trigger devices and the INTspector app creates a reliable overall system that allows you to work with foresight. The slightest deviations appear in real time on your mobile device or can be read out on site so that you can evaluate them quickly and plan and initiate measures if necessary.

With KRIWAN, you will no longer miss even the smallest flow losses in ventilators or minimal temperature fluctuations in their drives. So that everything works exactly as it should.

For maximum operational safety with minimum effort.

KRIWAN Connectivity 
An overview of the KRIWAN diagnostic system

KRIWAN offers a complete solution for linking diagnostic devices with your system. The smart KRIWAN diagnostic system is simple to implement, flexible and scalable, allowing you to carry out condition monitoring: For reliable and efficient system operation.

As a true system supplier, KRIWAN develops complex solutions from a single source, perfectly tailored to the proper requirements. All components have integrated interfaces, which can be freely parameterized for intelligent and reliable networking.

The result: Maximum connectivity, maximum transparency and maximum operational safety – with minimum effort and at a low cost.


KRIWAN Diagnose-System im Überblick