Protective systems for heat pumps

KRIWAN sector solutions for heat pumps

The heating of office, commercial or industrial buildings play an extremely important role in achieving our climate goals. Most of our CO2 emissions come from heating using conventional heating systems. At the same time, the subject of "heat" offers up huge savings potential.

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient alternatives when they work reliably and safely. Protective systems from KRIWAN minimize failures, as well as ensures maximum efficiency.

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Product examples

Motor protectors

Optimum protection: In the compressor, which is the heart of any heat pump, our motor protectors ensure maximum safety.

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Optical level sensors

Always at the right level: Whether it is oil, water or refrigerant, our level sensors reliably measure the liquid level in the system.

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Oil level regulators

Working at the right level: Our oil level regulators ensure that the heat pump runs smoothly.

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Voltage monitor

Maintaining stability: Our voltage monitors detect fluctuations in the mains voltages and report critical results.

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On average, there is a saving of 1.75 tons per person

Efficient heat pumps reduce private CO2 emissions by 15%

KRIWAN solutions for heat pumps

An integrated team

Modern heat pumps are complex systems comprising various components and parts. A wide range of different protective systems from KRIWAN are also used and, together, ensure smooth operation.

KRIWAN connectivity solutions ensure that all measurement results are bundled, and important sensors, controllers and diagnostic tools are perfectly linked. This means you can see immediately whether the heat pump is working correctly.

So there are no surprises.

KRIWAN Connectivity 
An overview of the KRIWAN diagnostic system

KRIWAN offers a complete solution for linking diagnostic devices with your system. The smart KRIWAN diagnostic system is simple to implement, flexible and changable, allowing you to carry out condition monitoring: For reliable and efficient system operation.

As a true system supplier, KRIWAN develops complex solutions from a single source, perfectly tailored to the right requirement. All components have integrated interfaces, which can be freely parameterized for intelligent and reliable networking.

The result: Maximum connectivity, maximum transparency and maximum operational safety – with minimum effort and at a low cost.