Modbus Gateway für Schutz- und Überwachungssysteme

INT600 DM Gateway

The KRIWAN diagnosis system allows data collected in KRIWAN diagnosis devices to be output via the DP interface. As a result, users can evaluate the functioning of the machine in the real applicationand react more quickly to breakdowns, as necessary. The INT600 DM Gateway reads the DP interface and outputs this via an RS485 interface (Modbus protocol).


Article number

22 S 371

Product information

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Diagnosis devices can be read via the 5 DP inputs and transferred via the Modbus protocol. The built-in LEDs signal the current activities of the Gateway.

This Gateway is characterised by the following features:

  • Direct connection of KRIWAN diagnosis devices via plugconnection
  • Very simple analysis of the individual interfaces by function LEDs, which flash when data is being transferred
  • Very simple installation for the switch cabinet installation
  • Broad range of possible uses through dual-voltage power unit
  • Can also be used in switch cabinets that are installed outdoors, due to expanded temperature range
  • Can be reset remotely
  • Connection to KRIWAN INTelligence server via Modbus LAN Gateway
  • Air gap: no possibility of accessing KRIWAN diagnosis protection units from the internet
  • Connection to customer-side controller (open Modbus protocol)
  • Impact and shake resistant
  • cURUS - certified


The Modbus interface supports the standard Modbus function code:

  • 0x04 read input register
  • 0x06 write single register
  • 0x10 write multiple registers
Supply voltage AC 50/60 Hz 115-240 V
(UL 115-230 V) ±10 % 2 VA
Permissible ambient temperature TA -30...+70 °C

Activating remote reset

– Impulse duration after activating

– Frequency

– Number


5 s

Once per 30 min

Max. 3 activations within 1 day


– Contact


– Mechanical service life


AC 240 V 2,5 A C300

at least AC/DC 24 V 20 mA

Approx. 1 million switching cycles


– Protocol

– Start addresses

– Number of addresses occupied

– Suitable cable

– Safety

– Specification

– Interface

– Baud rate

– Parity

– Stopbit


Modbus RTU (TwoWire / W2-Modbus)

Adjustable 1*, 17, 33, 49


Twisted pair e.g. cable LiYCY (TP) 2x2x0.2

Electrically isolated

Modbus application protocolspecification of the Modbus IDA

RS 485

9600, 19200* , 38400 oder 57600, adjustable

Even, odd oder no*, adjustable

1 or 2*

Protection class acc. to EN60529 IP20

Connection type

– Supply voltage

– DP interfaces

– Modbus interfaces


Screw terminals max. 2.5 mm2

Round 3-pin connector

Screw terminals max. 2.5 mm2

Housing material PC
Mounting Can be snapped onto 35mm standard rail as per EN 60715
Dimensions See dimensions in mm
Weight Approx. 200g
Check base

EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3 EN 61010-1

Overvoltage category II

Pollution level 2

* = Factory setting

The most frequently asked questions about the INT600 DM Gateway

What functions does the INT600 DM Gateway offer?

The INT600 DM Gateway enables the integration of up to 5 KRIWAN diagnostic devices into higher-level systems, such as a plant control system. For this purpose, a Modbus RTU protocol is provided at the RS485 interface. The built-in LEDs signal the current activities of the Modbus gateway.

What should be considered when selecting the gateway?

The INT600 DM gateway (slave) has a supply voltage of AC 50/60 Hz 115-240 V. A maximum of 5 KRIWAN diagnostic devices can be connected to the INT600 DM gateway. A suitable DP cable must be ordered for each diagnostic device. Various types are available for this purpose (see notes on the product page). A maximum of 4 INT600 DM gateways can be connected to a master in a bus.

Which cable types can be connected to the INT600 DM Gateway?

We recommend the following cable type for the RS485 interface: twisted pair cable, e.g. LiYCY (TP) 2x2x0.25mm².
To connect the KRIWAN diagnostic devices to the INT600 DM Gateway, a suitable DP cable is required for each diagnostic device. Various types are available for this purpose (see notes on the product page).

How is the INT600 DM Gateway parameterized?

The INT600 DM Gateway has 8 DIP switches that can be used to parameterize the address, baud rate, stop bits/parity, configuration memory and terminating resistor. Details can be found in the documentation of the INT600 DM Gateway.

What has to be considered when selecting the Modbus addresses?

There is a separate modbus table for each material number of a diagnostic device. It should be ensured that the correct modbus table is used accordingly. This can be found in the documentation of the respective diagnostic device.

What is included in the scope of delivery?

The package contains the INT600 DM Gateway and the data sheet.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

We are happy to help you with questions. To do this, simply use the contact form on our homepage and send us a request. Our customer support will get in touch with you.


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