Protective systems for refrigeration systems

KRIWAN sector solutions for refrigeration

Today, virtually no division of industry or production process can do without reliable refrigeration technology. Areas of application vary widely, from cooling sensitive goods and products to refrigeration solutions for special production processes.

Thanks to the combination and individual configuration of individual systems and components, KRIWAN creates tailor-made solutions that promise effective protection – and keep their promise.

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Product examples

Motor protection

Optimum protection: In function-relevant refrigeration compressors, we provide optimum motor protection.

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Level monitoring

Maintaining the level: Our level sensors ensure that the required quantity of oil or refrigerant is always available.

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Oil level regulators

Optimum fill level: Our oil level regulators not only check the oil level, but also fill it up automatically.

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Voltage monitor

Playing it safe: Our main voltage monitors detect voltage fluctuations early on and thus protect the refrigeration system.

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For more than 50 years

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KRIWAN solutions for refrigeration

Working hand in hand

Whether it is for cold store or process refrigeration in production, a smart combination of multiple components is the only way to ensure that all processes and products remain constantly at "operating temperature". Which is why KRIWAN not only creates tailor-made solutions, but also ensures that they are perfectly linked via KRIWAN connectivity.

This means that all data is compiled centrally and can be processed and evaluated together to localize and rectify critical situations and faults.

So you are not left out in the cold.

KRIWAN Connectivity 
An overview of the KRIWAN diagnostic system

KRIWAN offers a complete solution for linking diagnostic devices with your system. The smart KRIWAN diagnostic system is simple to implement, flexible and changeable, allowing you to carry out condition monitoring: For reliable and efficient system operation.

As a true system supplier, KRIWAN develops complex solutions from a single source, perfectly tailored to the right requirement. All components have integrated interfaces, which can be freely parameterized for intelligent and reliable networking.

The result: Maximum connectivity, maximum transparency and maximum operational safety – with minimum effort and at a low cost.