Safe cooling

KRIWAN Industry Solutions for Refrigerant Compressors

Cooling and Refrigeration Technology are used in a wide range of industries, as well as Businesses. Refrigerant Compressors form the core of these systems. As a global market leader in corresponding Electronics and Sensor Systems, KRIWAN offers a wide variety of solutions for Refrigerant Compressors with exceptional protection.

Product examples

Motor protection and triggering devices

Our drive – exceptional protection: Our motor protection solutions guarantee reliable operation without sudden shutdowns.

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Temperature sensors

Staying cool: Our temperature sensors ensure that the system does not overheat and functions dependably.

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Oil level regulators

Always at the right level: Our oil level regulators not only monitor the oil level in the refrigerant compressor, they also replenish the oil..

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Differential pressure monitoring

Keep things running smoothly: With our solutions for pressure differential monitoring, you always have system lubrication under control.

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Optical level monitoring

Working at the right level: Thanks to our level monitoring system, leaks or oil changes in the refrigeration circuit are quickly detected.

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KRIWAN refrigerant compressor monitoring

A predictive approach

In the area of cooling, maximum operating safety is critical. Whether it's food, stored blood or other sensitive materials or goods, faults and failures can have significant consequences, as can malfunctions in industrial process cooling. The solution: Intelligent monitoring systems working interactively, with data and results that can be evaluated easily on a wide range of devices – anywhere and in real-time.

Which is why KRIWAN does not limit itself solely to the development of individual protection units and components. Only the perfect collaboration of the entire system and without loss of all data can ensure a smooth process without shutdowns, damages and additional costs.

Predictive maintenance – made simple with KRIWAN. The components used reduce the risk of "unpleasant surprises" when it comes to the refrigerant compressor – plus they are reliable and simple to install.

For peace of mind at work.



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KRIWAN connectivity 
An overview of the KRIWAN diagnostic system

KRIWAN offers a complete solution for connecting diagnostic devices to your system. The KRIWAN diagnostic system is simple to implement, flexible and accessible, allowing you to carry out condition monitoring: For reliable and efficient system operation.

As a true system supplier, KRIWAN develops complex solutions from a single source, perfectly tailored to the applicable requirement. All components have integrated interfaces, which can be freely parameterized for intelligent and reliable networking.

The result: Maximum connectivity, maximum transparency and maximum operational safety – with minimum effort and at a low cost.