Protective systems for cranes

KRIWAN sector solutions for cranes

Whether it's a mobile construction crane, tower crane, or container crane in the harbor, cranes and comparable lifting equipment must withstand extreme stresses, posing unique challenges. KRIWAN solutions effectively and reliably protect cranes from damage to the chassis, hoist, and slewing gear, to the electric motors, and, of course, to the overall structure. This not only minimizes downtime but also ensures the safety of crane and lifting equipment, preventing harm to individuals. Discover how KRIWAN's innovative protection systems for cranes are the ideal solution to safeguard crane operations in windy environments.

Motor protection and trigger devices

Overload protection: Our motor protectors ensure that electric motors in cranes are not continuously loaded too heavily.

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Unterschiedliche Temperatursensoren im Überblick

Temperature sensors

Overheating protection: Our temperature sensors guarantee that the motors are shut down before overheating.

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Messgerät Windgeschiwndigkeit INT10 Anemometer


Protection against strong wind: Our wind sensors capture strong burst and gusts, thus protecting the overall structure of the crane.

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Messgerät Windrichtung INT30 Windrichtungssensor

Wind direction sensor

Knowing which way, the wind is blowing: Our wind direction sensors detect wind changes, enabling the alignment of the crane to be changed.

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Reliable wind sensors - not only for cranes

In crane operations in windy conditions, specialized protection systems are of crucial importance to ensure smooth operation. KRIWAN provides innovative solutions specifically tailored to the challenges of windy conditions. From precise wind measurements to automatic responses, our protection systems maximize efficiency and safety in crane operations.

KRIWAN protection systems for cranes

Secure communication

Our protection systems for cranes not only record incidents and critical conditions but also allow for continuous monitoring of the entire system's operation. This includes logging runtime, all starts and stops, continuous recording of motor temperature, and the registration and storage of errors or other events such as overloads.

The information collected can be accessed locally or externally (in the case of networking): on the stationary computer in the office as well as on a smartphone or notebook on-site. Developed to the highest standards, they offer advanced features such as overload protection, temperature monitoring, and precise diagnostics.

Wherever you are, you always have a complete overview.

Windy Conditions and Crane Operations: Ensuring Efficiency with KRIWAN Protection Systems

KRIWAN represents top-notch protection systems that optimize crane operations in windy conditions while ensuring the highest safety standards. Trust in our proven solutions to enhance the efficiency of your crane operations while maximizing safety.

Innovative technologies

KRIWAN relies on state-of-the-art technologies to develop protection systems that meet the demanding requirements of crane operations in windy conditions.

Years of experience

With years of experience in the industry, we offer proven solutions that are utilized globally by leading crane operators.

Comprehensive protection

Our protection systems provide a comprehensive approach to safeguarding cranes, ranging from wind measurement to automatic control in critical conditions.

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