Protective systems for cranes

KRIWAN sector solutions for cranes

Whether it is a mobile building crane, tower crane or a dockside container crane, all cranes and similar lifting equipment must withstand extreme loads.

Solutions from KRIWAN protect cranes effectively and reliably against damage to the chassis, lifting unit, rotating mechanism, electric motors and entire structure. To minimize downtimes, but above all to maintain the safety of cranes and lifting equipment and protect persons from injury.

Product examples

Motor protection and trigger devices

Overload protection: Our motor protectors ensure that electric motors in cranes are not continuously loaded too heavily.

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Temperature sensors

Overheating protection: Our temperature sensors guarantee that the motors are shut down before overheating.

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Protection against strong wind: Our wind sensors capture strong burst and gusts, thus protecting the overall structure of the crane.

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Wind direction sensor

Knowing which way, the wind is blowing: Our wind direction sensors detect wind changes, enabling the alignment of the crane to be changed.

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Reliable wind sensors - not only for cranes

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KRIWAN solutions for cranes

Secure communication

Our motor protection systems not only record faults and critical states, they can also be used to continuously monitor the overall operation of the system. This means that run times are also recorded, as are all starts and stops, the motor temperature is continuously captured, and faults or other events such as overloads are logged and stored.

The information collected in this way can be called up locally or externally (if linked up) via a stationary office computer, smartphone or notebook on-site.

Wherever you are, you always have a complete overview.