Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors

Immerse yourself in the world of precision with our innovative temperature sensors. Mechanical engineers and operators require reliable overheat protection for their engines, as well as continuous and dynamic monitoring of critical plant parameters. Expertise, experience, and outstanding product quality have made KRIWAN one of the leading providers of sensors for thermal protection of engines, generators, and transformers for more than 50 years. KRIWAN temperature sensors are characterized by exceptionally high quality, measurement accuracy, and reliability, giving you real-time control over temperatures.

From industrial applications to sophisticated research projects, our temperature sensors not only provide accurate readings but also unparalleled versatility.

Winding Sensors

Winding Sensors

PTC, Pt100, Pt1000, PTC+, AMS

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The KRIWAN winding sensors are used to protect electric motors against thermal overload and overheating. Here, the temperature sensor e.g. PTC, Pt100, Pt1000, PTC+ or AMS is wrapped into the motor winding.


Screw-in sensors

Screw-in sensors

PTC, Pt100, Pt1000, NTC

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KRIWAN screw-in sensors are used to protect electric motors against thermal overload and overheating. The screw-in sensor is screwed into the cylinder head, for example, and detects the temperature of liquid or gaseous media. The stainless steel enclosure protects the temperature sensor from environmental influences, such as aggressive media and mechanical stress.

Advantages of KRIWAN temperature sensors

Fully automated sensor production

Our fully automated sensor production is a milestone in the history of KRIWAN. Developed by our founder, Friedrich Kriwan, and his dedicated team in 1988-1989, this pioneering PTC machine is a unique product of intensive internal research and development. It is not only the foundation of our success, but also a globally unparalleled technology.

The system not only guarantees the consistently high quality of our temperature sensors, but also enables us to continuously achieve top performance in sensor production. The advanced sensor technology enables precise detection of temperature fluctuations, regardless of the environment. Our tailor-made solutions adapt seamlessly to the individual requirements of your industry, be it manufacturing, healthcare or environmental monitoring.

With a clear focus on quality and innovation, our temperature sensors not only provide insight into thermal changes, but also the assurance that your processes are running smoothly. Rediscover the world of temperature measurement with us. Rely on our proven expertise to find customized temperature sensor solutions that exceed your requirements. Contact us today to take temperature control to the next level and set new standards in your industry.

Quality knows no compromise

To ensure a consistently high quality of KRIWAN temperature sensors, we rely on our fully automated sensor production. This enables us to ensure high reproducibility of each individual process step.

The following work steps are carried out fully automatically on our system:

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Together we will find the right temperature sensor for your application!


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