Protective systems for wind turbines

KRIWAN sector solutions for wind turbines

There is no doubt that the future of power supply lies with renewable energy sources, predominantly with advanced and efficient wind power. KRIWAN makes it possible, with innovative wind power solutions.

Wind turbines are effective primarily in inhospitable regions. Strong winds not only mean more energy, but can also pose a risk to the wind turbine. Thanks to comprehensive wind monitoring, combined with smart software, KRIWAN offers effective protection for offshore and onshore turbines, regardless of the weather at the relevant location.

At the same time, KRIWAN solutions can also be used to increase the efficiency of the wind turbines: The turbines only start when the wind is strong enough and economical utilization is possible, they align the system perfectly into the wind.

KRIWAN sensors
So you don't miss anything when it comes wind power

Reliable capture of wind data forms the main basis for condition monitoring and for the efficient operation of modern wind turbines - on land and offshore, individual installations and large wind farms. Solutions from KRIWAN capture the wind speed and wind direction, as well as the temperature of the various components of the wind turbine or the oil circuits.

The result is less maintenance, more effective operation and lower costs.


Product examples

Wind direction sensors

Pointing the way: Our wind direction sensors provide reliable data in any weather.

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Strong performance in all conditions: Our wind sensors deliver reliable operating values for the turbine.

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Temperature sensors

Keeping a consistent temperature: Our temperature sensors indicate when critical temperature ranges are reached.

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ICEfight® applications

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KRIWAN connectivity
Various data, one smart system

Fundamentally, the system KRIWAN uses to ensure maximum reliability is simple: Highly sensitive sensors permanently measure wind power, wind direction and other functions such as the temperature of the motor. The data captured in this way is transferred in analog or digital form via a smart condition monitoring system for real-time analysis and evaluation.

If the system identifies that defined safety limits have been exceeded, the turbine is shut down and, depending on the situation, the blades go into carefree mode or are rotated out of the wind, braked and locked in place.

This automatically prevents damage to the wind turbine.

Naturally, it is not only for safety purposes that the KRIWAN system responds to changing conditions. For efficiency also, accurate measurement readings are critical to ensure that the turbine starts up in good time when wind speeds are right and is continuously aligned to the wind to achieve optimum effect.

For more effective wind turbine operation.

Features of our sensors (wind direction and anemometer)

  • High IP protection class
  • Less susceptible to fog, rain, dust and foreign particles
  • Extremely high-quality metal housing - tested by means of a corrosion test before release for series production via a special salt spray test with corrosive gases
  • Consistent alloy quality guaranteed via X-ray spectrography
  • Elektronik mit sehr hoher EMV-Störfestigkeit, auch in Bezug auf indirekten Blitzeinschlag
  • Optional, simple extension of the IP protection class
  • Long service life, accurate, wear-free measurement and high-quality bearings
  • 100% routine testing before delivery

ICEfight – innovative wind sensors

  • ICEfight configuration for reliable operation in regions where there is a high risk of ice build-up
  • Contactless wind speed recording
  • Linear output signal
  • Stormproof and weatherproof
  • High precision
  • Self-regulating heating
  • Additional cup rotor heating
  • Low starting torque
  • Extended temperature range for freedom from ice