Reliable despite ice and snow!

2022-10-04 Successstory, Renewable energy

ICEfight® – innovative solutions for wind power

Faster, higher, more efficient

Around the world, wind farms are being built more and more often at extreme altitudes. This is because not only are they far away from towns and residential areas, but high wind speeds promise maximum energy recovery, making up for decreasing yields per kilowatt hour.


Windsensoren in eisiger Umgebung

New location, new challenges

However, high altitudes also mean extremely low temperatures, and therefore efficiency losses. According to notable studies, around 20% of the energy remains unutilized due to problems such as icing-up and temperature-related malfunctions.

"To run a profitable wind farm at high altitudes, system productivity must be increased."

Bernd Borgmeier
KRIWAN Vice President Direct Sales & Marketing

Made in Germany

Made in Germany, used in China

The northern Chinese province of Ningxia is home to innumerable wind turbines. Temperatures around 10 degrees below zero and damp, icy wind pose challenges relating to people and material.

It is precisely these challenges that our engineers relish and that drive them to achieve outstanding developments. The result: The first ice-proof series of patented mechanical wind sensors that can withstand all weather.

Windsensoren-Technik geht um die Welt

A single idea goes around the world

What is already successfully used in China naturally stimulate considerable interest in other cold regions too. Whether it is North America, Scandinavia or Switzerland. Relying on wind power in the long term means also relying on innovative ideas such as ICEfight®. That is the only way to utilize wind farms there all year round without having to shut them down in the winter months.

In this way, KRIWAN is making a significant contribution to the energy revolution – worldwide!

Industry Solutions for Wind Turbines

Tailored for all conditions: KRIWAN wind sensors withstand any weather. Our various solutions are perfectly designed for your application area. Ice, saltwater, high altitude, or increased pollution potential don't hinder the measurement capabilities of KRIWAN wind sensors.

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INT10 Windrichtungssensor zur Messung der Windrichtung

We are pointing the way

INT30 ICEfight® wind direction

ICEfight® wind direction sensors from KRIWAN have been developed especially for use under extremely adverse environmental conditions. Above all when temperatures are extremely low and there is a high risk of icing-up, the innovative sensors play to their advantage: A self-regulating heating system that heats the entire structure. For reliable results in any situation.

Windgeschwindigkeitssensor INT10

Strong in any weather

INT10 ICEfight® anemometer

For the safe and economical use of wind turbines, it is important to be able to measure wind force reliably. Naturally in extreme weather conditions such as storms or icy temperatures also. ICEfight® anemometers ensure accurate measurement results at temperatures down to 40 degrees below zero and wind speeds of 100 m/s. For even more efficient energy recovery.

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Market Manager

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