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Whether it is machine or electronics protection, wind or flow sensors, regulators or gateways, all of our products have one thing in common – they are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are fully automatically tested before delivery. To provide solutions you can rely on.

You can trust that KRIWAN products meet the standard

  • made in Germany
  • Highest quality standards
  • Reliable solutions with high EMC noise immunity
  • Our products are 100% checked before delivery
  • Customized solutions for your application
  • Long product life cycles
  • High connectivity for integration into new and existing systems
  • Smart products for indication, protection, and prewarning, as well as diagnostics

Discover the product portfolio from KRIWAN – for optimal protection for your system

Customizable, 100% secure:

The new generation of KRIWAN devices can be parameterized on-site, making them not only centrally managed, but also tamper-proof.

Classic motor protection and trigger devices

For more than 50 years, KRIWAN has been your specialist for electronic protection for refrigerant compressors and rotary machines. Our motor protection and INT69 trigger devices have become synonymous with the KRIWAN brand.

Developed and produced at our location in Forchtenberg in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, they monitor various parameters such as power supply and voltage, output, phase sequence, temperature development and switching cycles, thus offering reliable protection against overheating and malfunctions.

The INT 69 series includes various special versions tailored perfectly to different sectors and their requirements. Naturally, individual solutions are also possible with customer-specific development and realization in accordance with your specifications

Motor protection and Diagnose trigger devices

The Diagnose series of our trigger devices is the latest generation in the area of motor protection and combines reliable protection with smart diagnostic functions. The intelligent integration of the units into a higher-level control unit or corresponding control systems enables secure remote monitoring and makes real-time condition monitoring even simpler.

At the same, the collected data is stored and can be used, for example, in the event of warranty or liability claims.

Another clear advantage is the option of parameterizing our INT69 Diagnose units: All important settings can be carried out on-site via our INTspector app quickly, conveniently and, above all, securely, protected against authorized third-party access.

Naturally, KRIWAN has extensive expertise of approvals in accordance with UL, VDE and other national and international standards.

Temperature sensors

Our temperature sensors are specially designed for KRIWAN protective systems. The response points of the PTC and PT100/PT-1000 sensors can be accurately reproduced, ensuring reliable results even when temperature fluctuations are minimal.

This is guaranteed by means of our strict company standards and regular testing at our in-house test center. Temperatures are realized in a fully automated process to exclude any production inaccuracies.

Like all KRIWAN products, our temperature sensors are also checked again automatically and certified when an order is received before they leave the factory and are sent to you.

Level monitoring

With our sensors for level monitoring, the fill levels of various liquids can be reliably checked. KRIWAN uses a two-part protection concept: Firstly, the level is monitored by means of an optical screw-in part, and secondly, innovative evaluation electronics ensure that you always keep even the smallest of changes in check.

Aside from devices for monitoring oil levels, our product range also includes a special version for use with natural refrigerants such as ammonia (NH3/R717), carbon dioxide (CO2/R744), propane (C3H8/R290) or refrigerants of safety group A2L.

With all variants, we employ a proven measurement principle using no moving parts. The sensors are wear-free and do not require maintenance.

Differential pressure sensors

Differential pressure sensors from KRIWAN combine reliable protection with simple handling, making them the perfect solution for monitoring oil pumps and refrigerant compressors. They can be used as a standalone solution or as a component of an overall control system.

With its differential pressure sensors, KRIWAN uses a two-part protection concept, combining a conventional screw-in part with advanced evaluation electronics.

Depending on the area of application, KRIWAN differential pressure sensors are available in different variants and specifications, from the classic solution for oil pumps right through to the sensor for use in trans critical areas with a pressure of up to 140 bar.

Oil level regulators

KRIWAN oil level regulators ensure that systems run smoothly, since the oil level is not only reliably measured, but also filled up if necessary. At the same time, important data is collected and evaluated to detect irregularities in the processes quickly and reliably.

Oil level regulators can be parameterized on-site, making them ideal for problem systems. They allow filling cycles to be adjusted and foam formation in CO2 systems, for example, to be avoided.

Thanks to their robust design, KRIWAN oil level regulators are reliable even under extremely adverse conditions and environmental temperatures. And require minimum maintenance.


In the area of wind sensors, KRIWAN offers solutions for virtually any application – from industrial to meteorological, from simple to extremely complex. This also applies to KRIWAN anemometers. These reliably capture the current wind speed and convert it to a linear output signal.

They are extremely accurate, have a low starting torque and are very durable.

They have a particularly robust design and a wide range of protective mechanisms, from integrated overvoltage protection to extremely high impact and vibration resistance.

The models in the ICEfight range can also be heated and can therefore withstand even extremely low temperatures.

Wind direction sensors

The robust and reliably designed KRIWAN wind direction sensors deliver optimal results in virtually any area of application – from industry to wind turbines at extremely high altitudes.

The compact metal housing and safety functions such as overvoltage protection and noise immunity, as well as the electronically controlled heating of all moving parts of the ICEfight series, ensure maximum measurement accuracy even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

They are wear-free, delivering optimal results even after years of use without requiring much maintenance or servicing.

Air flow sensors

Whether it is a filter system, ventilator, electric heater or supply and discharge system: Wherever there is movement of air, KRIWAN air flow monitors ensure reliable monitoring and register even the smallest of deviations. As well as providing maximum flexibility, since the measurements do not depend on direction, with adjustable starting transition time.

Air flow monitors from KRIWAN can be easily installed as an all-in-one solution and integrated into your existing system without any problems.

All air flow monitors are made in Germany and meet the highest of quality standards. They are virtually maintenance-free, and thanks to the high quality of manufacturing, they have an extremely long service life.

Gateways and fittings

KRIWAN offers not only reliable sensors and protection units, but as a system supplier, we also ensure optimum connectivity.

KRIWAN Bluetooth and USB gateways enable access to diagnostic units of KRIWAN devices via DP interface. This means that measurement data can be evaluated simply and used for process optimization or early detection of faults.

At the same time, KRIWAN devices can also be parameterized via the gateways.

And with the KRIWAN Modbus gateway, KRIWAN devices can be integrated simply into higher-level control systems or PLCs. The gateway reads out data from the KRIWAN devices and transmits this via an RS485 interface (Modbus protocol).