Öhringen's Hoffnungshäuser come to life

2023-08-31 Kriwan Foundation, News

The Öhringer Hoffnungshäuser are taking shape, as eleven of the 19 apartments have already been occupied. The innovative concept envisages that around half of the apartments will be occupied by locals and the other half by refugees. This mix creates a diverse community in which residents from Afghanistan, Syria, Algeria and Ukraine come together and network with volunteers from Germany, Uganda, Nigeria and Paraguay.

The residents are getting to know each other and building a lively community together with the volunteers. Joint games and baking activities, cozy get-together evenings and informal get-togethers are already shaping the way people live together. Site manager Rainer Dorsch emphasizes that the village is seen as an extended family, which is particularly important for the refugees, as many of them have had to leave parts of their families behind.

An essential part of the success of this integration project is the commitment of the local volunteers and the financial support provided by donations. The Friedrich Kriwan Foundation actively contributes to the realization of this project by supporting the Hoffnungshäuser integration project in Öhringen. Thanks to this support, important social services can be provided locally that promote the integration of the residents and strengthen community life.

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