Making history since 1968

Our history

On August 8, 1969, photographer Iain McMillan shot the world-renowned photo of Paul, John, George and Ringo on the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios. And it was Abbey Road Studios where their success had been made. On September 26, 1969, the album of the same name ›Abbey Road‹ came out, the Fab Four's eleventh (and last) album. The album became a bestseller and the Abbey Road motif became a symbol for a shared path to success.

That same year saw the start of another success story: the KRIWAN story. Founder Friedrich Kriwan launched his first hit and successful bestseller to date on the market: the INT69 compressor protection unit.

Over the past five years, KRIWAN has evolved from a small start-up into an international system supplier.

What started with individual devices for compressor protection and air flow monitoring has since become a wide portfolio of tailor-made system solutions for a diverse range of sectors.However, some things have remained the same at KRIWAN for the entire 50 years: The deep technological expertise, high quality standards and a passion that turns small ideas into large innovations.

The 1970s

Relocation to Forchtenberg

The company grows and moves, in the seventies, into its own building at the Forchtenberg location.


  • 1974 • KRIWAN develops temperature controllers for greenhouses.
  • 1975 • The LW 220 air flow monitor comes on to the market.
  • 1977 • KRIWAN develops the first computerized escalator control system in Germany
Umgeben von Natur. Das KRIWAN Firmengebäude im schönen Kochertal
KRIWAN - Ein Unternehmen mit Geschichte

The 1980s

Greenhouse automation

Greenhouses require constant temperatures and humidity. The control solution from KRIWAN is so successful that a system solution for larger installations is realized.


  • 1981 • KRIWAN conquers more and more niche markets
  • 1985 • VIT heated mats for operating tables capture the medical sector
  • 1986 • The INT220 revolutionizes the compressor protection market

The 1990s

KRIWAN test center

The KRIWAN test center has a lab area of over 2500 m2 and carries out a wide range of tests. Today, as a technical partner and co-developer, it enjoys a long-standing reputation that extends way beyond Forchtenberg.


  • 1997 • The KRIWAN test center opens its doors
  • 1999 • KRIWAN develops electronics for an optical-electronic oil level regulator.
  • 1999 • The KRIWAN subsidiary is founded in France
Das KRIWAN Testzentrum
KRIWAN - Ein Unternehmen mit Geschichte

The 2000s

KRIWAN goes digital

The age of analog switches comes to an end in 2004: The heart of the protection units is changed to microprocessors.


  • 2001 • KRIWAN presents the INT1000 climate computer
  • 2004 • Microprocessors replace analog switches in the INT69
  • 2006 • KRIWAN is now represented in 5 countries around the world

The 2010s

KRIWAN diagnosis

With the introduction of the diagnostic function, the INT69 belongs to the latest generation of motor protection relays that store faults and can transmit data to a centralized data server. Condition monitoring becomes possible.


  • 2010 • The INT69 is enhanced with an innovative diagnostic function
  • 2014 • INTelligence 3.0 and INTspector utilize the web and a mobile app
  • 2015 • Company founder Friedrich Kriwan dies aged 80
Umgeben von Natur. Das KRIWAN Firmengebäude im schönen Kochertal

The 2020s

KRIWAN pump protection
With optimally dimensioned safety components, KRIWAN offers reliable protection for pumps and pumping systems. From dry running to overload: KRIWAN has the right solution for almost every critical condition.


  • 2020 • KRIWAN conquers the pump industry
  • 2020 • More and more solutions can be parameterized and are therefore much more flexible and safer to use
  • 2020 • Due to COVID-19, many of our research and development activities are also taking place in home offices
  • 2024 • KRIWAN Holding takes over Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH as a new subsidiary

KRIWAN: Over 50 years full of innovations!