Our quality claim

We make it better!

We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. Which is why our quality standards are based not only on statutory norms, but above all on the requirements of our customers.

KRIWAN stands for exceptional quality – and comprehensively strives to achieve this long-term goal.

Qualität steht für uns an erster Stelle!

Unser Qualitätsteam kümmert sich für unsere Kunden um folgende vier Kernthemen zur Sicherstellung der Qualität unserer Produkte:

Company standards

Our development and production fulfill not only current EU standards: Our in-house company standards often set significantly higher quality and processing requirements.


We test our products continuously and adapt again and again to changing requirements. The main purpose of this "requalification" is staying up to date with technology.

Material testing

All materials we process undergo exacting material testing on delivery. In this way, we prevent the processing of defective material, primarily in the case of metals.

KRIWAN test centre

In our own test centre, approval tests are carried out for all KRIWAN products based on the currently valid standards. The test centre's laboratories are always state-of-the-art.

Kennzahlen als Garant für Qualitätssicherung

Key figures

Key figures are recorded and evaluated for all important process steps within our production so that deviations can be quickly detected and corrected.

"The KRIWAN Test Centre is a fair and neutral partner for all customers, suppliers and employees".

Certificates and quality standards

We are excellent

VDE certificate 2010

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ISO 9001:2015

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Explosion protection certification

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