Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH

Innovative solutions in the world of electronics: your experienced partner for pioneering electronics development and electronics production.

The Birkholz headquarters in Heßdorf enables us to support development offices and medium-sized companies in the greater Nuremberg and Erlangen area as well as throughout Germany. At Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH you can expect first-class industrial electronics, individually designed to meet your specific requirements.

Birkholz offers you a comprehensive range of services in the fields of electronics development and electronics production and supports you in realizing your visions for printed circuit boards and other electronic components. Our flexible customer support ranges from in-depth consultation and efficient purchasing to the precise production of your electronic components in the desired batch size - especially for small, small and medium series. You can rely on our expertise for pioneering electronics solutions.

Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH

First-class industrial electronics, designed to meet your needs.

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Efficient and reliable SMD assembly with state-of-the-art technology

As experts in electronics development and electronics production, we take care of all types of customized PCB assembly for you. By using advanced technologies in our state-of-the-art machinery, including a special placement machine for snap-in technology, we optimize processes for maximum precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Innovative inspection procedures ensure the reliable detection and elimination of placement errors. Incidentally, we also carry out selective soldering. We are taking a significant step into the future not only in electronics development and electronics production, but also with regard to SMD storage:

Our fully automated SMD dry storage system enables the safe storage of electronic components under optimum climatic conditions.

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