Variety and Internationality

2024-02-01 Career

Key Account & Area Sales Manager

Key Account & Area Sales Manager Felix Stepper is now in his 11th year at KRIWAN. In 2011, he began his Dual Bachelor's degree program at KRIWAN at DHBW Mosbach, majoring in Industrial Engineering. For his specialization, he chose international technical sales management and Technical Management in his Master's program. He is now employed in this field at KRIWAN. After a brief hiatus of two years with another employer, Felix returned to the KRIWAN family this year.

In an interview, Felix shares with us what motivated him to return to KRIWAN.

What do you do at KRIWAN?

I manage and further develop defined major clients in the refrigeration and climate sector, as well as being responsible for existing customers in my sales territory, which extends beyond Europe. Additionally, I handle new customer acquisition and provide support and advice to our clients.


What do you enjoy about this profession?

I enjoy working with people from various cultures and collaborating with them to find solutions for their applications. My job involves diverse tasks, ranging from technical consultation for existing clients and acquiring new customers to contract negotiations and international business trips. This variety makes every day exciting.


What have you experienced in recent years that makes your work at KRIWAN special?

KRIWAN is a company deeply rooted in Forchtenberg, yet it operates internationally as a business partner for OEMs in our niche markets. For example, I was able to assist in establishing our branch in Brazil and support our new colleagues in gaining new customers through regular visits on-site. For me, it was a great opportunity to get to know Brazil and its culture, and to gather many new impressions and experiences.

"No day is like the other. It's always exciting and diverse!"

Felix Stepper

Why is your work unique?

As the interface to our customers, I am responsible for any issues that are raised by customers or communicated from us to our customers. This makes the tasks diverse, and every day is different. I always strive to meet the customers' needs as best as possible, which involves a lot of internal coordination with other teams. Collaboration among colleagues is particularly important to me. At KRIWAN, I can approach any department at any time with questions.


How do you work together as a team in KSM (Kriwan Sales & Marketing)?

Despite our division into different Business Units like HVAC/R and Water/Fluid, we collaborate on sales and marketing goals and support each other. Through regular communication via Teams or in person, we keep each other updated and work together on current issues. Our weekly meetings provide an opportunity to discuss immediate topics.


You returned to KRIWAN after spending some time in other companies. What made you realize that KRIWAN was the better employer for you?

KRIWAN is a family-like company where mutual acquaintance and cooperation are valued. Especially for my work, I rely on good teamwork, which I definitely find here! The hybrid work model of working from home and on-site allows me to manage my work flexibly. If needed, it's also possible to individually reduce the weekly working hours, which greatly simplifies my personal life.

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