The visionary behind KRIWAN: Friedrich Kriwan and the groundbreaking INT69

2024-01-15 Company

In 1968, a visionary engineer named Friedrich Kriwan ventured into self-employment and founded the KRIWAN Group. This company was not only to become a major player in the electronics industry, but also to produce pioneering products.

Friedrich Kriwan - An engineer with passion:
Friedrich Kriwan was not just an engineer, but a man with a clear vision. The founding of the KRIWAN Group in 1968 marked the beginning of a success story. Kriwan lived his vocation with passion and shaped not only the technical development of the company, but also its value system.

The guiding principle of Friedrich Kriwan:
On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Friedrich Kriwan formulated his personal mission statement, which still forms the basis for the company's business philosophy today:

The Friedrich Kriwan Foundation - a legacy for the future:
Friedrich Kriwan wanted to ensure that his social commitment would continue after his death. For this reason, he established the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation. This foundation not only helps to secure the long-term future of the KRIWAN companies, but also promotes research, science, education and cultural life.

The INT69 - a pioneering achievement from KRIWAN:
The first pioneering product that underlines KRIWAN's innovative strength is the INT69. This intelligent motor protection relay was developed in the 1970s and revolutionized the monitoring and control of motors. The INT69 set new standards in terms of efficiency and reliability. The combination of sensor-based technology and precise control enabled early detection of malfunctions, leading to a significant reduction in downtime. This innovative product was instrumental in positioning KRIWAN as a leading supplier of electronic protection systems.

The history of KRIWAN is closely linked to the visionary thinking of Friedrich Kriwan. His legacy is not only preserved through the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation, but also through pioneering products such as the INT69, which underlines KRIWAN's innovative strength and technological excellence in the electronics industry. A look back shows that KRIWAN is not only a success story, but also a synonym for technological progress and social responsibility.

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