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2024-01-12 News

Forchtenberg, January 12, 2024 - The KRIWAN Group announces that it successfully acquired Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH as a new subsidiary on January 10, 2024. This strategic acquisition marks a significant step in the continuous development and diversification of KRIWAN Holding.

The acquisition of Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH represents an important milestone in the growth strategy of KRIWAN Holding. By integrating Birkholz into its existing portfolio, KRIWAN Holding is strengthening its position as an innovation leader and positioning itself for the future in a dynamic market environment.


KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik is known for its highly developed electronics and sensor solutions for industrial drive technology such as refrigerant compressors, pumps, fans and motors as well as wind measurement technology. KRIWAN is also a leader in the field of condition monitoring. The KRIWAN test center is an accredited test laboratory that specializes in testing and qualifying products. With a focus on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental simulation, fire detection technology and electrical safety, it offers standard tests as well as customized test programs and acts as a reliable and neutral partner.

Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH, based in Heßdorf, serves development offices and medium-sized companies throughout Germany. The company has earned an excellent reputation for providing particularly high-quality industrial electronics and high-quality assembly services, which are developed according to the specific requirements of customers.

The integration of Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH into the KRIWAN Group opens up new perspectives for joint developments and strengthens the competitiveness of both companies. Together, synergies will be used to develop innovative solutions for customers.
Bernd Birkholz will continue to act as Managing Director. His extensive know-how and many years of experience will therefore be an integral part of the new structure. He will be supported by the new managing directors, Mr. Christian Ellwein and Mr. Thomas Scheidel. Together they will drive forward the corporate vision and further strengthen the position of Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH within the KRIWAN Group.


"The acquisition of Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH is a significant step towards broadening the KRIWAN Holding and strengthening our innovative power. We are convinced that the combination of our competencies will lead to new and exciting developments," said Christian Ellwein, Managing Director of KRIWAN Holding. He also emphasized: "We will continue to produce at KRIWAN Industrial Electronics and test at the KRIWAN Test Center - because Forchtenberg is and will remain the heart of the KRIWAN Group."

In addition to the established KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik, the KRIWAN Test Center and the existing foreign branches, KRIWAN Holding will now also manage Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH as an equal and integral part of the company portfolio. Through this strategic expansion, KRIWAN Holding remains committed to further expanding its position as an industry-leading provider and to continuously increasing customer benefits through innovative electronics solutions.


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