KRIWAN: A shining star among the Hidden Champions in Hohenlohe

2023-10-18 Company

Hohenlohe, known as the "region of hidden champions", is home to some of the most successful companies that operate in the shadow of the big players but have achieved worldwide recognition. KRIWAN is undoubtedly a shining example of such a hidden champion in our region. Let us now take a look at the impressive success story of KRIWAN as a leading company in the field of electronics in Hohenlohe.

Hidden champions in Hohenlohe - a unique economic landscape:
Hohenlohe, characterized by picturesque landscapes and historic architecture, is not only a cultural treasure, but also a breeding ground for hidden champions. Companies based here are characterized by their niche products, global market leadership and deep roots in the region. Hohenlohe owes much of its economic success to hidden champions such as KRIWAN. These companies are not only employers for the local population, but also make a significant contribution to the prosperity and reputation of the region.

The heart of KRIWAN - Hohenlohe as home base:
The history of KRIWAN began in 1968, when the visionary engineer Friedrich Kriwan founded the company. Since then, KRIWAN has established itself as a pioneer in the electronics industry and proudly bears the title of hidden champion of the region.
Despite international recognition, KRIWAN has its roots deeply anchored in Hohenlohe. The region not only serves as the company's headquarters, but also as a source of inspiration for innovation and as the foundation for KRIWAN's social commitment.
KRIWAN's commitment is not limited to business success, but also extends to the well-being of the community. Participation in educational initiatives, promotion of cultural events and social commitment in Hohenlohe are examples of the long-term commitment of the Friedrich Kriwan Foundation.

KRIWAN and Hohenlohe: Together into the future
KRIWAN and Hohenlohe are going hand in hand into the future. The company remains not only a hidden champion of electronics, but also a proud representative of the values and potential that lie in the region of hidden champions. KRIWAN is not just a company in Hohenlohe, but a living example of the strength and success of the region. KRIWAN's success story is closely intertwined with the history of Hohenlohe, and together they are moving confidently into a future characterized by innovation, social commitment and economic success.

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