INTspector App 5.0: Efficient Analysis for Full Transparency

2024-01-18 Products

In the dynamic world of technology, KRIWAN's software department has made a pioneering development with the INTspector app. It is now proud to present version 5, which has been continuously optimized. But what makes this app so special?

The INTspector app is much more than a conventional application. It is a pioneering solution for the effortless analysis and evaluation of devices - from compressors and industrial pumps to refrigeration systems. Its aim is to make fault diagnostics as simple as possible for everyone, regardless of their technical background.


Transparent processes, effortless fault diagnosis, easy customization

The INTspector app not only enables the detailed analysis of fault sources, switching cycles and operating times, but also allows the devices to be customized. Whether it's KRIWAN protective relays, oil level regulators or differential pressure sensors - the app allows simple parameterization, perfectly tailored to the respective requirements on site.


Intuitive use for everyone: smart connection to your protective relay

The app is designed to be understandable and user-friendly for everyone. Whether you want to install ready-made parameter files or make individual adjustments, the INTspector app offers a clear platform. It not only displays operating data transparently, but is also used for status and fault diagnostics.


Functions that make your life easier: diagnostic data and more

With comprehensive insight from pumps to refrigerant compressors, the INTspector app provides detailed information on motor status, motor temperature and other sensors. This enables comprehensive monitoring of data relevant to operation.


Selected evaluations for easy comprehension

The app offers selected evaluations of various sensor data such as temperature monitoring, Cos φ monitoring, event memory and live diagnostics. These functions are not only used for precise monitoring, but are also valuable tools for fault diagnosis.

  • (Motor) temperature monitoring: Protection against overheating through individual settings. The motor or bearing temperature of the device is monitored with a PTC, a Pt100, a Pt1000 or a bimetal switch.
  • Cos φ monitoring: Protection against underload. The monitoring can be set to overload or underload and switches off the alarm relay or the warning relay when the adjustable limits are reached after the adjustable trigger delay has elapsed.
  • Event list: Transparent error tracking for fast troubleshooting. Events such as errors, warnings and messages are saved with time stamps in the internal memory and can be called up via the diagnostic port and the INTspector app.
  • Live diagnostics: Real-time monitoring of all sensor data for fast troubleshooting. Sensor data such as motor temperature, leakage, cos φ, current, analog input, etc. are recorded over time and enable quick troubleshooting and insights into the device status. The data is saved in a text file.


Parameterization mode: Simple adjustments for your application

The parameterization mode makes it possible to adapt various settings of the diagnostic device to individual requirements.This makes it possible to adapt the KRIWAN protection relay to specific applications and situations.


Reports and parameterization made easy: PDF reports and more

The PDF report displays all important operating figures simply and clearly based on the monitored sensor signals. Various diagrams allow you to make a quick assessment, for example when diagnosing faults.You receive information on the operating time, the number of shutdowns and the motor running time.All data and diagrams such as operating time, running time and switching cycles of the device, number of events, parameter list, etc. are clearly stored in a pdf file.This is used for documentation purposes, for example in the event of a fault. As it is possible to trace which events have occurred and which parameters were set, this enables fast troubleshooting and transparent complaint processing.
The pdf report can be sent by e-mail using the "Send folder" function, for example if support from KRIWAN is required.


Discover the advanced world of device analysis with the KRIWAN INTspector App Version 5! 
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