Innovative Project Meeting Paves the Way for Forward-Thinking Partnership

2024-02-16 News

In the world of technological innovations, there are moments that herald the beginning of a new era. Such a turning point was recently achieved with the successful project meeting on February 6, 2024, where groundbreaking steps were taken towards a pioneering collaboration between the teams led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Uwe Thamsen from the Technical University of Berlin and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Steinhart from the Hochschule Aalen - Technik und Wirtschaft, along with colleagues from KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik GmbH. The aim of KRIWAN's collaboration is to offer even more demand-oriented products in the future.

At the core of this promising project lies the shared mission to revolutionize the efficiency and maintenance-friendliness of wastewater systems through innovative solutions. This ambitious goal stands at the forefront of an unprecedented collaboration bridging the expertise of the academic world with the industry. The academic prowess in wastewater management and drive technology from Hochschule Aalen and TU Berlin, combined with the practical know-how of the industry from KRIWAN, promises innovative solutions.

The necessity of energy-efficient solutions in the realm of wastewater management is undeniable. Here, the significant role of the interplay between frequency converters and pumps comes into play. By executing precisely calibrated actions that adapt exactly to the actual demand, excessive energy waste is avoided, and maintenance efforts are minimized.

The path ahead for the coming months is characterized by intensive collaboration and research among the teams of the involved institutions. This path not only promises technological breakthroughs but also contributes to the education of the next generation of engineers and scientists who will shape the future of the industry.

A heartfelt thank you is owed to all involved for their commitment in making this groundbreaking project possible. Special thanks go to the organizers in Aalen and the presenters in Berlin. Last but not least, our employees also deserve recognition for representing KRIWAN at this meeting. Their dedication and expertise are crucial drivers for the success of this ambitious endeavor.

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