Recipe for Success: Creativity in Production

2024-03-05 Career

Recipe for Success: Creativity in Production

From Apprentice to Team Leader: This career leap was achieved by Michael Miron at KRIWAN. After completing his apprenticeship as an Electronics Technician for Devices and Systems at KRIWAN and furthering his education to become an Industrial Master and Technical Business Administrator, Michael has been working for several years as a team leader in the production department, specifically in the assembly area. Read on to discover more about his daily work routine and his thoughts on KRIWAN as an employer.

"At KRIWAN, we are more than just colleagues - we are a community characterized by solidarity and creative problem-solving."

Michael Miron

What profession did you train for, and what is your role at KRIWAN?

I began my professional journey with an apprenticeship as an Electronics Technician for Devices and Systems at KRIWAN. Subsequently, I pursued several further qualifications, including becoming an Industrial Master in Electrical Engineering and a Technical Business Administrator. Currently, I hold the position of team leader for the Assembly team in the production department. At KRIWAN, as team leaders, we serve as the link between production and administrative areas such as Industrial Engineering (IE) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Our main goal is to ensure that production runs smoothly and to find optimal solutions when faced with challenges.


Why did you choose this profession?

I chose this profession because it allows me to actively shape production. It was important to me to be actively involved in modernizing production and to have the opportunity to effect positive changes. Anyone can complain about problems, but few are willing to take action and bring about change. For me, it was a matter of action and design.


Are there any particular events or experiences at KRIWAN that have significantly influenced your work?

One event that has significantly influenced me was the flood in 2016. During this time, the solidarity within the company became evident in an impressive way. It became clear that we are more than just colleagues - we are a community that sticks together in difficult times. Additionally, the constant changes within the company make me proud to be a part of it. This demonstrates that KRIWAN is an organization that continuously evolves and confronts the challenges of the present time.


Why is your work as a team leader at KRIWAN unique?

I wouldn't necessarily call my work unique, as ultimately, we are all part of the team and contribute together to its success. However, what is special is the variety of challenges we face daily. Each day brings new tasks and uncertainties, but that's what makes it exciting. If you enjoy challenges and are willing to find creative solutions, then the role of team leader at KRIWAN is the right fit. It's a constant opportunity for personal development and growth.


How does teamwork function at KRIWAN?

Teamwork at KRIWAN is akin to being part of a large family. Honesty and mutual trust are the cornerstones of our collaboration. We complement each other and can rely on one another, especially in challenging situations. Celebrating our collective successes strengthens our cohesion and motivates us to always give our best. It's not always easy, but together, we can achieve a lot.


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