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2023-06-13 Successstory, Water and wastewater industry

Pump Protection in Flood Operations

In times of increasing weather extremes and rising threats from floods, the reliability of pump systems becomes a key component for protecting communities and infrastructure. The performance and efficiency of pumps are particularly crucial in flood operations to safeguard communities from the impacts of extreme weather events.

The Use Case

In the pumping station of the 'Water and Soil Association, Großer Havelländischer Hauptkanal - Havelland – Havelseen,' three KSB submersible pumps, KRT-F 7.5 KW, have been in operation since 2003. These pumps are only used during floods and are equipped with PTC and bimetal sensors in the motor winding, as well as an electrode in the leakage chamber. Each sensor is monitored through an individual relay in the control cabinet. Currently, remote monitoring of the signals is not possible, as the relay outputs are only connected to a PLC. For the service personnel, it is not readily apparent whether, when, and why errors or malfunctions occur in the three pumps. Additionally, there is no alarm available in case of a malfunction.

KRIWAN Produkte beim Einsatz im Schöpfwerk
INT69 F Diagnose Motorschutzrelais Pumpe

The KRIWAN Solution

To monitor the sensor signals, the three individual relays were replaced with the AmaControl L. The parameterization of the inputs and outputs was tailored to the pumping station, enabling customized monitoring based on specific requirements. Immediately after the commissioning of the multifunctional protection relay, the condition of the three pumps was readable, and leakage problems were identifiable.

Through the integration of the KRIWAN solution, not only was precise monitoring of the pumps ensured, but also real-time and efficient diagnosis of leakage problems. The AmaControl L allows for a swift adjustment of parameters to the specific needs of the pumping station, leading to improved operational safety and reduced downtime. The easy readability of the pump's condition right after the commissioning of the protection relay facilitates maintenance and contributes to the early detection and resolution of potential issues. In the event of a flood, it is now possible, even remotely, to ensure that the pumps are functioning properly.

Capture operational data - Prevent downtime.

With the INTsector App developed by KRIWAN, the service team can access the sensor data of the three pumps not only on-site but also from anywhere. Additional functions such as 'Live Diagnosis' or the PDF report can be utilized for analyzing the current condition of the pumps. The service team only needs a mobile device or a laptop and a KRIWAN USB or Bluetooth Gateway to establish a secure connection to the INTspector App.

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„The use of monitoring relays significantly enhances overall handling during troubleshooting, maintenance, etc. In the recent incidents, with the help of the user-friendly app, we were able to quickly assess the condition of the faulty pump.“

Chief Engineer of the Pumping Station of the Water and Soil Association,
Great Havelland Main Canal - Havelland - Havelseen


The benefits of pump protection solutions are diverse. Here are some of them that come with protecting the submersible pump in the pumping station.

Application Example

KRIWAN pump protection relay INT69 F Diagnose BASIC in flood control operations

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