About us

The Hohenlohe district to the north of the German state of Baden-Württemberg is home to a higher-than-average number of international market leaders. It is therefore no wonder that KRIWAN, as a 'hidden champion' in our Industry, is based here also.

Find out all about our company, our history and what drives us to develop not only innovative products, but also true solutions.

Our company

The uniqueness of KRIWAN: Discover our ideas, our values and our company in the form of figures and interesting facts.

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Our history

KRIWAN writes history: Discover how and when everything started and how we have continued our success story up to the present day.

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Our quality claim

KRIWAN is exceptional: Which is why we set ourselves particularly high standards regarding the quality of our products.

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Our locations

KRIWAN is there for you: Tenfold across the globe. Discover our locations, from Brazil to China.

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Further topics:

How KRIWAN made its international breakthrough

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Propelled by the wind

How we test our work in the in-house lab

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