Getting started with us

Getting started with us

Global leader, local expert – an exciting challenge for a hidden champion. We believe our success is based on our strategic orientation on international markets, combined with sound corporate development and our strong roots in the town of Forchtenberg in Baden-Württemberg.

You are right for us if:

You enjoy varied work with lots of scope for development

You will work in manageably sized teams. New employees are closely involved in the latest projects and quickly assume responsibility. You will often be involved in multiple areas of activity, which will make your work varied and interesting.

A personal working environment is very important to you

In manageably sized, small units you will be able to concentrate fully on your work and organize things instead of having to submit to complex administrative channels and formalities. Because our workforce is modestly sized and because we work together so closely, most of us know each other personally.

You don’t just want to be a number

Here we communicate directly between levels so that important decisions can be made quickly. You will often influence events directly and you will be able to experience your own contribution towards the company’s success.

Work-life Balance

We offer flexible work scheduling including flextime and home offices, since every employee is different and no two days are the same. It allows our employees to adjust their working hours to the things that actually need doing and to respond flexibly to private commitments.

Our different part-time models enable employees with children to find the right balance between career and family life, and we also help with a care allowance for accommodating children who have not yet reached school age.

The health of our workforce is vital to us

We are committed to our employees in every aspect of their health, ranging from organized health days with information kiosks, healthy breakfasts in the cafeteria, and a range of health checks or our monthly fruit days for staff. We focus on preventative health for our workforce. This involves collaborating with a local physiotherapy practice where our employees can enjoy health promotion activities with monthly vouchers.

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