Start of series production of the INT69® PYF Diagnostics PREMIUM

2021-06-08 News, Products, Water and wastewater industry

With the new INT69® PYF diagnostics, KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik now makes it even easier for operators to network their pumps. The newly launched pump protection module records measured values and operating data from the pump via an integrated Modbus RTU interface and makes them available. For example, the operator can receive information and warnings at an early stage and take countermeasures in good time before the pump fails.

In addition to the integrated Modbus RTU interface, the major innovation of the INT69 PYF diagnostics is the measurement of active, reactive and apparent power as well as the power factor cosφ. As an additional function, counters for the active and reactive energy consumed are also included in the integrated memory of the pump protection device. This allows the energy consumption of the pump to be displayed transparently. A key unique selling point of the INT69 PYF diagnostic pump protection module is its suitability for measuring the power of electric motors, even when using frequency converters. A new current transformer was specially developed for this purpose, which offers the highest possible measuring accuracy of amplitude and phase over a high useful and clock frequency range. The phase error is < 1° in the range of 20...100 Hz, which has a particularly positive effect on the accuracy of the active power. Depending on the decrease or increase in power, dry running, closed slider or blocking of the rotor in the motor can be detected. The combination of other sensor data, such as motor and bearing temperature and vibration, provides further information on faults and malfunctions and offers enhanced protection.


Keep an eye on the pump with the KRIWAN INTspector app

The user can access the INT69 PYF diagnostics on site using the KRIWAN INTspector app. The diagnostics section contains helpful functions such as operating data, event lists with time stamps, error counters, operating times, switching cycles, current measured values and much more for a more detailed analysis of the pump. With the help of live diagnostics, all measured values can be recorded over a longer period of time and saved on a terminal device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) as a CSV file. This saves the user having to use expensive measuring equipment and uses the end device as a data logger.

Each input in the protection device can be set individually in the parameterization. For example, the temperature inputs can be selected between PTC, Pt100, Pt1000 and bimetal. If an input is not used, it is set to deactivated. It is also possible to parameterize the warning, setpoint and switch-off values, tripping delays and restart delays or an interlocked switch-off without automatic restart for each input. This means that each value can be parameterized individually for each application. Entire parameter data sets can also be created, saved and reloaded via the INTspector app. This saves time for recurring applications.




Further functions:

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