KRIWAN's pioneering achievement: globally unique PTC sensor production system

2024-06-24 Products, HVAC/R, Company

The KRIWAN PTC system represents a significant advance in the history of temperature sensor production. This fully automated sensor production line, developed in 1988-1989 by our founder Mr Kriwan and his dedicated team, is the result of intensive internal research and development. It is not only the foundation of our success, but also an unrivalled and unique technology worldwide.

Revolutionary sensor production
Our fully automated sensor production has revolutionised the way temperature sensors are manufactured. By utilising the latest technology and automation, the plant guarantees the consistently high quality of our temperature sensors. This enables us to continuously achieve peak performance in sensor production while ensuring precise detection of temperature fluctuations, regardless of the environment.

The advanced sensor technology of our PTC system offers customised solutions that adapt seamlessly to the individual requirements of your industry. Whether in manufacturing, healthcare or environmental monitoring, our temperature sensors always provide accurate and reliable data. This allows you to ensure that your processes run smoothly and are optimally monitored.

Focus on quality and innovation
At KRIWAN, we attach great importance to quality and innovation. Our temperature sensors not only provide insight into thermal changes, but also the assurance that your processes remain stable and efficient. By utilising our proven expertise in sensor technology, you can be sure that you will receive customised solutions that exceed your requirements.

Quality knows no compromise: The work steps of the system
To ensure the consistently high quality of KRIWAN temperature sensors, we rely on our fully automated sensor production. This enables us to ensure a high level of reproducibility for each individual process step. The following work steps are fully automated on our system:


Advantages of the KRIWAN PTC system:
Consistent quality: fully automated production guarantees consistently high quality temperature sensors.
Precise temperature detection: Our sensor technology enables precise detection of temperature fluctuations in different environments.
Customised solutions: Customisable sensor technologies for different industries and applications.
Reliability and efficiency: Optimised processes through accurate and reliable temperature monitoring.

The KRIWAN PTC system sets new standards in temperature sensor production. By utilising the latest automation technologies and strict quality controls, we offer our customers highly precise and reliable temperature sensors. These sensors are used in a wide range of industries and help to ensure that processes run safely and efficiently. Rely on KRIWAN's proven technology and innovation to fulfil your temperature measurement requirements.

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