Pump evolution: Safe, reliable, digital!

2023-11-16 Successstory, Water and wastewater industry

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KSB SE & Co. KGaA is a leading manufacturer of pumps, valves, and related systems. The company, founded in Germany in 1871, is globally active in more than 150 countries with over 15,000 employees. KSB is committed to providing innovative and efficient pumping solutions for various sectors, including industrial applications, building services, water management, energy, and mining processes. 

KSB has a long history of innovation, with numerous technological and economic milestones achieved throughout their operations. And they continue to drive their development with a focus on digitalization, sustainability, and customer-centricity.

KSB's products and services are tailored to meet individual customer needs, with each sector, market, and region having their specific requirements on pumps and valves. KSB's technical services focus on providing solutions that reduce maintenance costs, maximize uptime, and optimize the efficiency of customers' processes.


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KSB SE & Co. KGaA faced the challenge of obtaining reliable operational data from their pumps while ensuring protection against failure. They needed a solution that could provide both functionalities in a single device, eliminating the need for a dual system.

Since submersible pumps and submersible mixers, such as Amarex or Amamix, naturally work under water, they pose a particular challenge. Due to the conditions, it is obviously more difficult to check their condition. The AmaControl protection module provides an intelligent solution here: the relevant information for a comprehensive check can be provided in a directed manner, which at the same time connects the system to the digital world.

"Our pumps and agitators are now safer and more reliable, thanks to the KRIWAN relays. The ability to collect operational data and digitize our pumps has made our practice easier and improved our overall efficiency."

Michael Becker
Product Manager KSB SE & Co. KGaA

Solution and Benefits

The AmaControl 4 (INT69 PYF Diagnose PREMIUM) and the AmaControl L (INT69 F Diagnose BASIC) relays provided the ideal solution for KSB. These relays offer a compact design with the flexibility to handle multiple inputs, making them suitable for various applications. The ability to parameterize the relays allowed for customization based on specific requirements.

1. Comprehensive Data Collection:
The INT69 PYF Diagnose PREMIUM and INT69 F Diagnose BASIC relays enabled KSB to collect operational data from their pumps effectively. Even without remote maintenance, KSB received valuable information through the diagnosis feature. This information proved to be advantageous for their on-site service, as KSB had access to real-time pump data, allowing for quicker and more accurate diagnosis of potential issues.

2. Pump Protection and Digitization:
By utilizing KRIWAN's relays, KSB was able to digitize their pump systems without the need for a dual system. The relays provided reliable protection against pump failure, ensuring the safety and longevity of KSB's pumps and agitators. This allowed KSB to enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of their operations.


Choosing KRIWAN as their partner proved to be a strategic decision for KSB. The INT69 PYF Diagnose PREMIUM and INT69 F Diagnose BASIC relays not only provided the protection KSB required, but also facilitated the collection of operational data and digitization of their pump systems. With ongoing joint development projects, KSB and KRIWAN continue to collaborate and explore ways to further optimize pump performance and safety. Currently, the new AmaControl X is being launched on the market. With this, KSB will expand its existing product portfolio with an ATEX-certified module.

Erfolgsgeschichten der KRIWAN Produkte

Products used

Multifunctional relay

Amacontrol 3

Multifunctional relay

Amacontrol 4

Multifunctional relay

Amacontol L

Modbus gateway

INT600 DM Gateway

INT600 USB Gateway

USB gateway

INT600 DU Gateway

Bluetooth gateway

INT600 DB Gateway

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