Playing it safe

How Kriwan is warding off cyber attacks

2023-04-04 Successstory

For a secure future

The world is becoming increasingly digitalized, in all areas of life. Smart homes make our lives more convenient, as does the Internet of Things, and Industrie 4.0 opens completely new economic opportunities.

The prospect of the new 5G cellular standard is driving development forward – as well as the number of networked devices, machines and sensors.

The intensive exchange of data via the network naturally poses risks too, particularly the risk of cyber-attacks: Criminals are targeting data, aiming to take control via systems or shut down machines and installations.

From internal to external

While system and machine protection have for decades, focused on "internal risks" e.g. overheating or overload, external risks now play an equally large role. KRIWAN's security specialists know this too, which is why Managing Director Dr. Christian Ellwein has given the issue top priority and is pushing forward with the ongoing development of new security systems.

KRIWAN-Geschäftsführer Christian Ellwein

"When it comes to the issue of cyber security, we, as manufacturers, have a responsibility!"

Dr. Christian Ellwein
Managing Director of KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik

Sicherheit - Made by KRIWAN

Protecting sensitive areas

Whether it's the energy industry, public water supply and waste water disposal, cooling chains in the food sector or air conditioning of computer centers, if the central functions of sensitive systems are attacked, a single risk can quickly develop into serious threats to society.

It is therefore more important than ever to protect system components such as pumps, compressors and ventilators against authorized access by third parties.

That is precisely the task KRIWAN set itself – to identify cyber threats and develop a systematic security concept based on a comprehensive analysis. With success.

Softwarelösungen für Maschinen-IT

Machine IT vs. office IT

The security of machine IT cannot be compared to that of office systems. Automatic security updates, like those, for example, of PC virus scanners, are not possible in this form for machine IT due simply to the network coverage, which is not always available.

Machines and system components also need to be re-certified in many cases after software changes, which makes the use of updates and patches complicated. Machine IT requires updates in real-time. Software solutions such as conventional virus scanners always involve a minimal time delay, which can have devastating consequences for machine IT.

Security-Feature im Gateway-Lösungen

Security at the press of a button

KRIWAN has therefore built a special security feature into the gateway for the Bluetooth connection of our products: it is possible to read data from the machine with the Bluetooth gateway even from a longer distance. The situation is different when parameters on the protection relay are changed: in this case, unauthorised access can become a security risk.

For this reason there is a button on the Bluetooth gateway. It must be pressed to change parameters. Only then is write access enabled for a short time. The field strength of the Bluetooth signal is also measured. Write access is only possible from a distance of about 3m. Encryption, pairing etc. are of course also integrated.

Anlagen von höchster Qualität

Stopping all machines!

KRIWAN also relies on a fast shutdown when it comes to its USB and Bluetooth gateways. Data flows into and out of these devices and can also be read out at this sensitive interface and, in the worst-case scenario, manipulated. This can be prevented simply by "disabling" the write line if abnormalities are identified. This isolates them from all protective relays or regulators so no damage can occur.

Furthermore: Protective relays such as the INT69 Diagnose have been developed so that they transmit data to the network but can only be reprogrammed on-site. Cyber criminals are unable to manipulate functions via the Internet or change settings.

Qualitätsüberprüfung als Standard

Secure & Safe-Yes

The above examples are just the beginning. In the same way that KRIWAN has continually improved and adapted conventional motor protection in line with technical advancements over the past 50 years, digital protective mechanisms have also been developed and continuously updated.

To prevent criminals getting into the network when your systems access it.