Air flow monitoring for exhaust air systems

2024-02-13 Building management systems, Products

In many buildings, exhaust air systems ensure a significant reduction in harmful pollutants (in the air) and energy savings through heat/cold recovery systems. The effectiveness of the exhaust air system is determined by minimum air flows. Monitoring this parameter is therefore particularly important. The INT511 air flow monitor monitors the flow velocity in the exhaust air duct and thus ensures the reliable and safe operation of the system.

The product description

The KRIWAN INT511 air flow monitor monitors the speed of air flows using the calorimetric measuring principle. The sensor is temperature-compensated. The switching point can be set/selected within the monitoring range using the built-in potentiometer.

Messung der Geschwindigkeit von Luftströmen mit dem Luftstromwächter
Keine Kompromisse bei der Qualität im hauseigenen Strömungslabor

The calorimetric measuring principle

The calorimetric measuring principle is based on the heat transfer from a heated body to the surrounding medium (e.g. air). The amount of heat dissipated essentially depends on the flow velocity of the air. The evaluation of these measured variables results in a measure of the air flow velocity.


The advantages of air flow monitoring for exhaust air systems with KRIWAN products are manifold. 

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