Hybrid teamwork: how flexibility is shaping the future of work

2024-02-19 Career

Hybrid teamwork: how flexibility is shaping the future of work

In this interview, we take a look at the professional life of Sebastian Sturm, who works at KRIWAN as Key Account Manager & Area Sales Manager. After some time at other companies, Sebastian returned to KRIWAN in October 2022.

In his interview, he tells us why he is now back at KRIWAN and what he loves about his job. Find out what Sebastian has to say about his everyday working life and how teamwork and working from home go hand in hand for him.

"By using the individual strengths of each team member, we promote effective teamwork."

Sebastian Sturm

What did you learn and what is your current job at KRIWAN?

My professional background includes an apprenticeship as an industrial electronics technician and further qualification as an electrical engineering technician. I have also successfully completed a degree in technical business administration. I currently hold the position of Key Account Manager and Area Sales Manager at KRIWAN.


Why did you choose this job?

I am in my profession because I have a passion for interacting with different people and enjoy building relations with customers. The opportunity to build and maintain a network motivates me every day.


You work in the Sales and Marketing department. How does your department work together as a team?

We work as a team in a young and dynamic environment in which respectful interaction and honest transparency are cultivated. By using the individual strengths of each team member, we promote effective teamwork. We contribute our respective skills, experience and wishes, which supports the success of our joint work.


After some time at another company, you returned to KRIWAN. What motivated you to return?

The main deciding factor was the flexibility that KRIWAN offers as an employer. Here I have the freedom to realize my visions and ideas, which is very important to me. This opportunity to actively pursue my professional goals and at the same time have the necessary flexibility convinced me that KRIWAN was the right employer for me.


You spend most of your time working from home - how is that compatible with the teamwork you mentioned before?

The opportunity to work mostly from home offers me numerous advantages. It allows me to organize my work flexibly, which helps me to use my time effectively. Thanks to technological advances and the use of tools such as Microsoft Teams, I now have more opportunities to interact with my colleagues. Whether it's spontaneous meetings or regular coordination, we can exchange information easily and quickly, no matter where we are. As a salesperson, I particularly appreciate the flexibility of being able to conduct customer visits and meetings in different locations without compromising on effectiveness. Digital progress makes it easier for me to organize these meetings and make them productive, regardless of whether I'm in the office, at home or on the road.


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