INT169 R Motor Protector

Article-Nr.: 31 A 277 S23


INT169 R Motor Protector


Supply voltage AC 24V
Undervoltage limits 16.5V
Permitted ambient temperature -40…+70°C
Temperature measuring circuits: Type 3 PTC sensors acc. to DIN 44081, DIN 44082 parallel
Temperature measuring circuits: R_trip, static 30kΩ ±4kΩ
Temperature measuring circuits: R_reset 10.5kΩ ±1.5kΩ
Relay: Connection AC 240V 2.5A C300 AC/DC 24V 20mA
Relay: Mechanical service life Approx. 1 million switching cycles
Time delay 4min ±1min
Protection class acc. To EN 60529 IP00
Connection type 6.3mm flat plugs
Housing material PA66 GF25
Mounting Screw mounted
Dimensions Refer to dimensions in mm
Weight Approx. 200g
Approval UL File no. E75899 cURus

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