Motor protection and trigger units for compressors

Avoid downtime with KRIWAN

For 50 years, the name KRIWAN has been unfailing with reliable motor protection for refrigeration compressors. Our flagship, the INT69, has been gradually transformed from a simple motor protection relay to a modern diagnostic tool.

Whether it's a semi-hermetic stroke piston compressor, scroll or screw compressor, various states or operational faults are not only detected, but also stored in the device and corresponding responses are triggered, right up to complete shutdown.

The system responds in real-time to critical states, and the compressor can continue to function efficiently without damage or extended downtimes.

Product examples

Motor protection for stroke piston compressors

INT69 Diagnose

Motor protection for screw compressors

INT69 Diagnose

Motor protection for scroll compressors

INT69 Diagnose



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