KRIWAN pump protection relay in the pump station

2024-05-08 Products, Water and wastewater industry

KRIWAN pump protection relays are crucial for the digitization of pumps and help unlock the resulting opportunities and benefits.

Unser Alleskönner: INT69 PYF Premium Pumpenschutz


The requirements for wastewater treatment plants and pump stations in terms of digitalization are steadily increasing. More and more components are expected to intelligently connect within a system to generate data and added value. Controls, central management systems, up to the cloud and AI, are becoming increasingly crucial in this context.

In this regard, pumps and their data play a significant role. For example, it is valuable for the operator to integrate pump operational data into their system. This allows them to receive early warnings, such as motor overheating or bearing damage, and to take countermeasures in the process before failures occur.

However, it‘s essential to consider the threats posed by cyber attacks and ensure secure machine protection while complying with all norms and guidelines. Balancing these requirements is challenging yet necessary to operate pumps and pump systems safely and leverage the opportunities of digitalization.




To meet the requirements of digitalization while ensuring secure machine protection, KRIWAN has developed the INT69 PYF Diagnose. With its multitude of inputs and functions, the INT69 PYF Diagnose fits perfectly into the protection concept of pumps, pump systems, and submersible agitators used in the water and wastewater industry. This modern pump protection relay replaces existing relays and enables continuous monitoring, connecting the pump, protective functions, and the digital world. With the integrated Modbus interface, simple and secure integration into overarching systems is possible, eliminating the need for a separate complex measuring system directly at the pump.

An example of this integration is seen with the NivuLink Control by Nivus. This IoT gateway with integrated control functionality allows for global plant monitoring via the NIVUS web portal.


Application Example

KRIWAN pump protection relay INT69 PYF diagnosis PREMIUM in the pump station.

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