INT30 H Windrichtungssensor

Article-Nr.: 13 N 520


INT30 H Windrichtungssensor


Measuring principle Contact-free magnetic scanning system
Measuring range 0-360°
Accuracy ±2.5°
Resolution <1°
Start-up speed <0.5m/s (ϑu=20C)
Connection DC 24V ±25%
Signal output DC 4-20mA
Signal availability Max. 2.5s (from voltage-free state)
Load resistance RLoad ≤ (Umin.-9)/0.02 [Ω]Umin. = min. supply voltage
Connection type 5-pin plug (M12)
Permitted ambient temperature -20...+70°C Snow and ice-free sensor is prerequisite.
Permissible relative humidity 0-100% RH
Stability For wind speed of 60m/s (max. 30min)
Connection type: Sensor 5-pin plug (M12)
Connection type: Recommended connecting cable 4x0.75mm2
Mounting Steel mast Max. ∅outer 50mmMin. ∅inner 37mm
Dimensions See dimensions in mm
Housing: Material Aluminium
Housing: Corrosion resistance Anodised
Wind vane: Material Aluminium
Wind vane: Corrosion resistance Powder-coated
Weight Approx. 450g
Check base EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61010-1
Approval UL file no. E240032
Protection class according to EN 60529 IP54

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