Monitoring oil circuits

Keeping an eye on the oil

Oil is needed in wind turbines to lubricate and cool components and to drive hydraulic actuators. These oil circuits are essential for the turbines to function reliably, and are constantly monitored by condition monitoring systems for fill level, particles, and consistency.

KRIWAN offers a whole range of sensors for optical fill level measurement; these can, for example, detect when oil drops below a minimum level in a reservoir, and when the system can no longer function safely.

Optical sensors for single-point measurement of the fluid level offer very high resistance to temperature, pressure, and media and are very easy to service. The oil circuit remains closed even when replacing the electronics: a glass prism melded into a metal screw-in component seals the fluid circuit. The electronics measure the oil level through the prism using infrared light.



KRIWAN optical level monitoring devices protect refrigerant compressors in the event of leakage, oil imbalance in the refrigerant circuit or pumps from running dry.

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