ICEfight: the most advanced mechanical wind sensors

Applications in which wind sensors have to work reliably under extremely adverse conditions place enormous demands on equipment, since faults can incur expenses and cause damage and loss. Special KRIWAN ICEfight sensors are needed for wind turbines operating in cold climate regions such as the mountains of China and North America.

This product line has proven itself both in controlled tests at Deutsche Windguard and in practice during comprehensive winter testing. With an integrated heating system connected up, neither rain nor frozen snow can adhere to the moving parts, even if air humidity is high and temperatures well below freezing. The design effectively prevents icing-up of moving parts, thus guaranteeing reliable function.


  • Fully internally heated vane/anemometer (including tip, steering plate, and cups)
  • Die-cast aluminum featuring saltwater-resistant alloy or powder-coating
  • Easy to install out of the box
  • Heat energy is transferred without contact and without force into moving parts by means of high-frequency induction, which does not affect the smoothness of the bearings or measurement accuracy
  • IP66 on account of double cladding
  • Immune to interference by mist, rain, dust, and foreign objects
  • Top quality metal casings – ensured by corrosion-testing prior to series approval using special salt-spray tests involving harmful gases
  • Alloy quality constantly assessed using x-ray spectrography
  • Electronics highly resistant to electromagnetic interference, including that caused by indirect lightning strikes
  • Long operating life, precise, wear-free measurement, and high-grade bearings
  • All products are routine-tested before delivery



Kriwan offers solutions for any application involving the measurement of wind direction.

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The Kriwan sensors features twin, low-friction, high-grade bearings; these and the noncontact measuring method mean the unit requires no maintenance and remains accurate over its entire life cycle.

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