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Green Technology

Natural refrigerants as an alternative solution

Natural refrigerants are becoming an ever more important alternative in view of environmental protection, climate change, F-gas regulations, and rising energy prices. Such refrigerants place particular, and often higher, demands on systems and components.

Kriwan has risen to this challenge and already provides products specially developed for these refrigerants. Its development roadmap also places clear emphasis on this challenge.

Kriwan’s contribution to a cleaner environment

Kriwan supplies special oil-level regulators as well as oil-differential-pressure and fluid-level sensors that can safely withstand high operating pressures for use in systems that involve CO2 in the transcritical and subcritical ranges. We also provide equipment that fulfills the SIL2/ATEX stipulations for systems subject to the risk of explosion, such as ones that use R290 (propane).

Kriwan is also the company to contact if you manufacture compressors, systems, and components involving other challenging refrigerants such as butane (R600a), propane (R290), ammonia (R-717), air (R-729), and water (R-718).

When it comes to systems that need to be refilled either now or later on using a drop-in refrigerant, it is wise to acquaint system operators now with diagnostic system technology. No replacement refrigerant can be identical to the original refrigerant for which a system was designed. If you record operating data now, then later the operator will be able to compare data before and after replacing the refrigerant and make sure that the system is still running as required.



Control at the highest technical level
The INT280 oil level regulator complements the KRIWAN system solutions for efficient and safe oil management in the refrigerant circuit.

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KRIWAN optical level monitoring devices protect refrigerant compressors in the event of leakage, oil imbalance in the refrigerant circuit or pumps from running dry.

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Capacity control for more efficiency and less waste

It is normal to design systems to cope with maximum scenarios even though they only work under partial load most of the time. For this reason, solutions are required for the efficient regulation of compressors and systems so that precisely the right amount of refrigeration is produced. Part of achieving this is using sensors that record the necessary readings.

Working together with compressor manufacturers, Kriwan has developed exclusive solutions for screw and reciprocating compressors. These modules regulate mechanical processes and precisely deliver the required output in increments that are as small as possible.

When fitted with a Kriwan intelligent electronic control solution, processes for the mechanical control of power output are much more energy efficient than conventional on/off operation and make sure that temperatures and air humidity remain constant in facilities such as cold rooms. Storage conditions of this kind are particularly beneficial for foods, which stay fresh longer and retain their quality for longer. This reduces expensive, avoidable waste and protects the environment.



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