Diagnosing and analyzing pumps

Pumps are designed, manufactured, and tested for long-term use. However, the control systems that oversee them often continuously log just a few parameters that are function-critical and relevant to processes and quality. 

In order to help shed light on the obscure world of pump operation, KRIWAN’s pump protection relays possess internal, non-volatile memories combined with diagnostic ports. This enables sound decisions to be made on the basis of correct, detailed, and current data, including history. 

For example, the following historical and current data is available, depending on the sensors and protective relays used:

  • Running periods 
  • Starts and stops 
  • Stored faults and events
  • Motor and media temperatures 
  • Motor currents 

In the event of servicing or a fault, the accumulated history since commissioning can easily be downloaded on site for analysis on an Android device or laptop. Simple, economical integration into a superordinate PLC is of course possible too. 

Diagnostic data from pumps of any size or manufacturer can also be viewed and compared using the same software on the Internet without much configuration being needed. This is because, like the hardware, the software’s features are easy to use and get by without complicated or superfluous extras. 



With its new generation of INT69 Diagnosis, Kriwan has made its flagship protection module even more powerful.

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Motor protection based on PTC sensors is an effective and reliable way of protecting against thermal overload in electrical machinery.

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Easy Integration
The use of standardized communication interfaces turns the KRIWAN Diagnosis system into a comprehensive source of data about the refrigeration system.

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Securely setting parameters in pump protection relays

For the past 45 years or more, KRIWAN has unswervingly produced protective relays whose values cannot be adjusted on site. Limit temperatures are defined and made tamper-proof by means of a PTC resistor in the windings, while responses, such as a delay period following hysteresis, are permanently stored in the microprocessors during production according to the pump manufacturer’s specifications, which are based on their experience from test-runs and predecessor models. 


  • Quick and simple commissioning 
  • Protection against improper settings and tampering, unlike protective relays with potentiometers or switches. 

KRIWAN’s INT89 protective relay represents a quantum leap from conventional protective relays with potentiometers. The values and parameters defined in the relay can be modified via a port using a PC or Android device. Password-protected user levels prevent unauthorized modification.


  • Unlike conventional switches and potentiometers, this process is tamper-proof since a simple screwdriver is not enough.
  • Commissioning is made much easier and protection is significantly more economical than using a PLC.




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