Protecting pumps

KRIWAN supplies optimally engineered protection systems for pumps.

With its new generation of INT69 Diagnosis, Kriwan has made its flagship protection module even more powerful.

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Easy Integration
The use of standardized communication interfaces turns the KRIWAN Diagnosis system into a comprehensive source of data about the refrigeration system.

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Motor protection based on PTC sensors is an effective and reliable way of protecting against thermal overload in electrical machinery.

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KRIWAN optical level monitoring devices protect refrigerant compressors in the event of leakage, oil imbalance in the refrigerant circuit or pumps from running dry.

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Protecting pumps reliably against breakdown and damage

KRIWAN supplies optimally engineered protection systems for pumps. These can quickly detect the kind of critical scenarios that typically occur anywhere in the world, such as blockage, phase failure and asymmetry, long start-up times, running dry, overload, and excessive temperatures, and in doing so they protect the pumps against damage. 

All of these solutions are based on decades of experience in protecting electrically powered machines such as pumps, compressors, and cranes, coupled with a broad portfolio of outstanding products for use in industrial applications. On the basis of a modular system we offer protection solutions adapted to different types of pumps and different areas of use.

This means quick, simple commissioning, and it means the pump stays safe during operation. The electronics are designed for installation and use in challenging environments. Because of KRIWAN’s tough factory standards they can be used more safely amid high ambient temperatures, strong electromagnetic interference, and physical vibration than general industrial standards stipulate.

To accompany to these autonomous monitoring and motor protection electronics incorporating intelligent diagnosis, we also produce sensors in Germany. Manufactured to the highest levels of quality, these products monitor temperature, flow rate, blockage, mains voltage, and many other parameters. 

KRIWAN’s exceptional products benefit manufacturers, plant engineers, and operators alike. 

KRIWAN helps pumps to work smoothly

More simplicity. No superfluous components.

INT69 Motor protection

Pump protection with diagnosis

  • Temperature monitoring of discharge gas
  • switch frequency monitoring
  • oil pressure monitoring
  • phase monitoring
  • Locking bridge
  • Response depending on situation
  • Diagnosis data
  • non volatile memory

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