Protecting cranes

Protecting cranes reliably against breakdown and damage.

Protecting cranes reliably against breakdown and damage

KRIWAN’s high-quality, durable products protect cranes and the electric motors used in their running gear, slewing gear, and lifting mechanisms against damage. These products quickly detect any typical critical states such as wind that is too strong for the crane or the load, excessive temperatures, overload, blockage, supply network problems for the electric motors used – and damage is prevented.

Mobile cranes, revolving tower cranes, port cranes – on the basis of our modular system we offer protective solutions suited to every kind of crane. They are comprehensive but never over-engineered. Their mechanics and electronics are specially designed for use in tough, challenging industrial environments.

All of the components are designed for simple, quick, and absolutely safe commissioning. Our wind sensors, temperature and fluid sensors, and motor protection relays are all manufactured in Germany, guaranteeing the highest quality standards and protecting every crane against critical situations.

  • Strong wind
  • Blocked electric motors during start-up or operation
  • Excessive start-up times
  • Phase failure or asymmetry
  • Motor winding temperature

Operating parameters such as running times are recorded and responded to appropriately depending on the parameter configuration.

More simplicity. No superfluous components.


  • Wear-free measurement
  • Linear output signal
  • temperature-monitored heating
  • Sturdy and reliable industrial design
  • High accuracy
  • low starting torque
  • Impact and shake resistant
  • integrated overvoltage protection

With its new generation of INT69 Diagnosis, Kriwan has made its flagship protection module even more powerful.

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Motor protection based on PTC sensors is an effective and reliable way of protecting against thermal overload in electrical machinery.

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KRIWAN optical level monitoring devices protect refrigerant compressors in the event of leakage, oil imbalance in the refrigerant circuit or pumps from running dry.

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The Kriwan sensors features twin, low-friction, high-grade bearings; these and the noncontact measuring method mean the unit requires no maintenance and remains accurate over its entire life cycle.

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