Motor protection for pumps

Working safely with KRIWAN

Depending on the design, KRIWAN protection solutions for pumps and pump systems minimize the risk of damage caused by increased motor or bearing temperatures, overvoltage or undervoltage in the system or leakage.

KRIWAN motor protection and triggering devices monitor the system continuously, record all data and initiate necessary measures when critical conditions are reached. 

This is how they ensure safe operations of a wide range of systems.

Product examples

Machine protection

INT69 YF Diagnose

Machine protection

INT69 YF Diagnose Extended

Machine protection

INT69 F Diagnose

Voltage and temperature monitor

INT69 UY Diagnose



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  • Maximum operational safety thanks to protection and warning relays
  • Space and cost savings – replace up to 7 individual devices
  • Fast troubleshooting and documentation with Diagnose and INTspector app
  • Flexibility through individual parameterization
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Fast and simple wiring thanks to push-in terminals
  • Control cabinet installation on profile rail
  • Tamper-proof