Condition monitoring

KRIWAN’s expertise, experience, and outstanding product quality have made it a leader in the protection of industrial machinery and systems against overloading and operational breakdown for the past fifty years.

Comprehensive machine protection:

Efficiency + safety through condition monitoring.

Permanent condition monitoring of machines and systems pays off: operators are provided with a continuous statement on whether their system is working properly, and whether its operating status or outside influences could potentially endanger it. This in turn enables the analysis of interference factors. Repair and maintenance work can be coordinated at an early stage and to suit production plans.

All of this requires a condition monitoring system which responds extremely reliably and quickly. Such a system needs suitable measuring points and sensors that specifically monitor the key parameters of processes, machines, and systems. KRIWAN’s motor protection relays facilitate intelligent condition monitoring and increase safety and machine efficiency.

Comprehensive condition monitoring reveals burdens on machines and points at which they reach the limits of reliable operation. This enables maintenance based around condition and helps to prevent spontaneous repairs, reduces maintenance costs, and increases system availability.

KRIWAN condition monitoring - tailored solutions 

Working with the customer, KRIWAN develops tailored solutions for comprehensive condition monitoring in three simple stages:

  • Select suitable sensors and measurement points
  • Develop modules that combine protection and control
  • Set up diagnostic software

Machine and system data is stored in the device and can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. INTelligence software allows comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of system data.

KRIWAN’s system is a modular solution. It monitors and protects selected parameters, secures processes, and controls components or the entire system.

Tailored sensors and protection/control devices

Precise measured data is essential for achieving comprehensive protection. Modules continuously monitor numerous parameters. Intelligent algorithms detect trends when evaluating so that the modules can respond more quickly and fully.

KRIWAN devices are designed for decentral use on or in the machines themselves. That is why they are very compact and robust and can withstand outside factors such as temperature and vibration. The design of sensors and devices can be adapted to different applications.

The electronics are set up to customers’ specifications and supplied pre-configured. This way the end-customer can put the system straight into operation and it is protected against mis-configuration and manipulation.

Providing definitive analysis:
Clear visualization using INTelligence software.

Our diagnostic technology provides direct access to system data as well as comprehensive analysis. The data collected can be accessed at any time on site via USB cable using the INTspector App, or worldwide using any system with Internet access.

The INTelligence diagnostic software visualizes parameters clearly, allowing quick and easy interpretation of switching cycles, running times, temperatures, and other factors. Error messages gathered provide insight into the state of the system. Documented long-term data reveals trends, which allow significant changes resulting from wear or other causes to be detected early on. Targeted diagnosis means an earlier response to problems – before shut-downs, damage, or even a total breakdown occurs.



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