Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

KRIWAN quality

KRIWAN quality is based strictly around customers’ needs. Our aim is to be the quality-leader in our market by setting the highest standards in terms of products, processors, and optimum customer relations.

KRIWAN places emphasis on the quality of its products.

We go about achieving it in various ways.

  • Factory standards    
    We have established special rules at certain points in the development and production process. For instance, our product approval tests are performed on the basis of EN standards – except with more stringent requirements.
  • Requalification
    Our products are constantly requalified. This serves especially to keep them technically up to date.
  • Material testing
    All of our materials are subjected to standard testing when delivered. This prevents us from processing defective materials (especially metals). 
  • KRIWAN Test Center
    The KRIWAN Test Center conducts all of our product approval tests so that they are safely based on the latest standards. This adds weight to the principle of independent testing.
  • Benchmark figures
    We maintain benchmark figures for all of our major process stages, and evaluate them quickly in order to detect deviations.

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