About Kriwan


Company history

In the space of just five decades, KRIWAN has evolved from a ‘hidden champion’ to become a system supplier with a global presence. In the early days we manufactured a small number of devices for protecting compressors and air flow monitoring. Today we offer tailor-made system solutions in our various business areas. Between then and now we have produced many ground-breaking products and we’ve passed numerous milestones along the way.


KRIWAN turns 50

As an independent family-owned company, KRIWAN has been continuously developing new ideas as a pioneer and innovation leader for 50 years and implements them in economical and tailor-made products and systems for its customers. The future of the KRIWAN Group is strongly linked to the challenges of industry 4.0.

Expansion KRIWAN Brazil

KRIWAN has taken another important step to expand its activities on the world market for plant and industrial machinery protection with the opening of its new sales office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Condition Monitoring - Smart Settings

software-based parameter adjustment for protective devices

INTelligence 3.0

Responsive, web-based, flexible. A future-proof basis for every mechanical engineering application and industry in which KRIWAN’s diagnostic equipment is used.

INT10/30 ICEfight wind sensors

ICEfight wind sensors are developed to handle the toughest environmental conditions which present series problems to other manufacturers. Their success is yet another proof of how well KRIWAN can solve problems using ground-breaking technology and high quality.

Expansion of the KRIWAN Test Center

The Test Center is extended in order to meet predicted customer requirements in various areas.

Expansion of KRIWAN Italia

Our fifth foreign subsidiary, KRIWAN Italia, is founded so that we can maintain our position as a  Global Leader / Local Expert by serving compressor  and system manufacturers in Italy.

INT69 Diagnostic

A quantum leap in machine protection is presented at the leading refrigeration trade fair, Chillventa. After 40 years of the INT69 the system is given numerous new features for analysis and diagnosis, as well as additional protective features.

INT280 oil level regulator

KRIWAN launches an electronic oil level regulator onto the market and it attracts lots of global customers.

INT10/30 wind sensors

Drawing on many years of experience from the market, wind sensors are established on a completely new technical platform and are outstandingly well received worldwide, especially for use in wind turbines around the world.

Launch of INT 275 L-INT278 LCA optical level monitoring

There is now a whole family of optical-electronic sensors for monitoring fluids.

Founding of KRIWAN Americas

KRIWAN is now represented in the world’s biggest economy, the United States, in Dayton, 
Ohio, from which it serves key accounts such as Emerson.

Founding of KRIWAN China

A branch office for China was founded in the capital, Beijing, in order to bring German-made products onto the world’s biggest and fastest-growing market.

INT69, microprocessor-based

It’s the inner values that count. That’s why our protection devices are no longer based on analogue switches but on microprocessors. It allows the systems to be adapted even more flexibly to customer needs.

INT1000 climate computer

The successor of the KMS – still with a control panel, but now with the ability to make adjustments at every section.

Founding KRIWAN Austria

A branch office is founded in Austria.

Founding of KRIWAN France

The first KRIWAN subsidiary was founded in France to bring the company closer to customers.

Oil level regulator

Acting as a partner, KRIWAN develops and supplies the heart – the entire electronic system – of an optical-electronic oil level regulator.

Founding of Test Center

Mr. Kriwan recognized the signs of the times. With the spread of electronic components, the need grew to monitor environmental influences and electromagnetic compatibility. That is why the  KRIWAN Test Center was founded. 

INT 220

Engineers at KRIWAN developed a comprehensive compressor protection system; their INT220 was a generation ahead of its time. The ‘descendants’ of this product are called INT69 Diagnostic and were launched worldwide in 2010.

VIT heated mats for operating tables

This solution ensures that the climate remains just right in greenhouses.

INT 800 greenhouse automation

This solution ensures that the climate remains just right in greenhouses.

INT 200 escalator controller

While the company moved in only one direction – upwards – it’s escalator controllers were helping people to move safely and reliably both upwards and downwards in cities like Cologne, Bonn, Berlin, Hamburg, and on the Rhein-Ruhr urban railway. KRIWAN developed the first computerized control system in Germany.

LW 220 air flow monitor

KRIWAN regulates air flow – it is a simple system for measuring air currents.

The first compressor protection device, INT69

This first groundbreaking idea of a very special motor protection relay called INT69, of which hundreds of variants have been developed to date and are in use in millions of units worldwide, is still the best-known product and stands for KRIWAN like no other.

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